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Bio ? & Behno There you go..

Youthful | Immature | 12th Grader | Commerce Student | Business Studies Lover | English Scholar | Speaker | Debater | Swimmer | Water Lover | Dreamer |Believer | Humanitarian | Traveler | Avid Reader | Faithful Lover | Blogger | Writer | Almost Author | Freelancer Journalist | Freelancer Choreographer | Song Composer | Annoying Stalker | Gossip Queen | Drama Queen | Wickedest Singer | Bathroom Dancer | Foodie | Bold | Vulgar | Opinionated | Short Tempered | Sarcastic | Actual writer of Mahabharata (Un credited) | Demolished | Suspicious | Arduous Teen | Cantankerous Baby | Eye Make Up Lover | Inconsiderate person | Authentic Reviewer | Hilarious Interviewer | Editor Of Mag-Underpants | Very Judg-MENTAL | STFU – Udita Style
I’m a misunderstood personality. I’m more than just walking scandal.
A writer perhaps, dancer somewhere, Spoiled daughter, most pampered upcoming star. I’m a mixture of Chetan Bhagat , Poonam Pandey , Honey Singh , Miley Cyrus & Narendra Modi.

– © Udita Pal

I’m the girl who will change your life , I’m the girl who get Orgasm every time she stares MS WORD’s blank sheet 
They see me rolling (._.) (._.) ( ._.) (.-.) They Hating 
Much Love ,


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14 thoughts on “Get In Touch

  1. First of all I don’t want all that formal drama to wish you luck and blah blah blah….because you don’t really need it. You’re the most intelligent and sensitive girl I have ever met. If any productive use of fb I’ve ever made then it has to be meeting you, I feel lucky and blessed. On a short note I just want you to remember me always ..
    Do the best. Get the best.

  2. seriously??? 12th grader?? Mighty mighty talent I must say..
    and I love you coz of the last line.. ultimate
    “’m a mixture of Chetan Bhagat , Poonam Pandey , Honey Singh , Miley Cyrus & Narendra Modi.”
    don’t worry I am not a stalker.. I am a 23 old girl blogging addicted 😛 when I hop to a blog, I just read the bio and the top picks and leave my footprints behind 🙂

  3. hey maam…….i am also going to get publish my new debue book- you and I -an untold lovestory……
    want to be in touch with you

  4. udita you are really awesome i think you should become my girlfriends magic wand… i wish she could be as witty as you 🙂 i like expressions and she is totally inverse of you 🙂

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