The Beach Shack

I believe Goa is home to all the sins and sinister. I smiled and made my way to the bedroom. It was a simple wooden cottage so close to the beach that you can hear every single wave hitting the shore. I took a quick shower and made my way to bed. I rolled and hugged him from the back. I realized he was tired and sleeping. I took a long breath and slept.

A couple of hours later I woke up to noises in our room. I realized he was working out. I kept looking at him working out and touching myself. Probably it was turn on for me; something was driving me crazy I let out a small moan, and he knew that I was up. He jumped on the bed and grabbed my hands. He kept looking right into my eyes and watch melt in his arms desperately waiting for his lips to touch mine. He loosens my shorts and took out the rope without blinking his eyes and tied my hands up.

His way of loving me has always been different. He spread my legs and sat between my legs, I knew what he was about to do, but the question was, am I ready to for it? I let out a small moan, and his hands started touching my inner thigh, I was able to feel his breath over there, and it took me a second to realize what he was up to and I let out a loud moan and started twisting my legs. He came on top of me and asked me to keep quiet. I gulped and stuffed my handkerchief in my mouth as I was able to get the pleasure of someone going down on me and at the same time peace of listening to waves. I came in no time and rolled on the other side.

He hugged me from the back, and I was able to feel his hard on right on my ass. I quickly got on top of him and asked him to keep quiet and enjoy. I pulled his boxers down and started touching him I was able to see a wicked smile on his face, it motivated me into going further. I started blowing him, looking at him while doing that was turning me on. It is a beautiful feeling to be a guy’s weakness. Watch a man melt right in front of you. I smiled and continued doing it.


“Get me a condom,” he said as I quickly rushed to the drawer and took one out. He asked me to get on top of him and continue doing him, and after a point, he told me to hold bed shelf tight and suddenly he started ramming me harder than ever. AC was on, and we were still sweating. I don’t even know how many times I get orgasms during that moment. I waited for him to have a climax and moment he did we both hit the bed and slept. I woke him to him kissing me and asking me to get up and have breakfast on the bed.

It was one of the most special session I ever had with him. Nothing could have been better than sharing a weekend with an amazing man with a crazy sex drive who is in love with a woman who has crazy fantasies.

9 thoughts on “The Beach Shack

  1. Hey Udita

    Your stories are really sensual. Totally love them. Even I write Erotica. Would you be interested in taking a look at it?

  2. It amazing Udita. I am following you in Quora. Its amazing story .. the line : “IT IS A BEAUTIFUL FEELING TO BE A GUY’S WEAKNESS. WATCH A MAN MELT RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. I SMILED AND CONTINUED DOING IT.” As a Man I want to sat that it also a great pleasure if his lady doing that..

    Great story. Keep Going…

  3. It feels like little hastily put together. “DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I GET… “, “I WOKE HIM TO HIM KISSING ME…”, “IT WAS ONE OF THE MOST SPECIAL SESSION…” Miss out on editing?

  4. I think you really ran fast in the last part other story.. May be you should include more imagination and fantasy when he entered you..just a thought

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