Behind the closed door.


I took off my aviators and asked him and texted him to let me know his Room Number, ‘403’ he replied. I took a deep breath and looked at red roses I collected on my way. I reached his room and knocked twice; he was in the shower. I quickly sneaked it and made a couple of changes- I spread rose petals all over the bed, turned the lights and pull the curtains, while I was lighting the last candle he grabbed me from the back and kissed my neck.

I turned around, and my button eyes were staring right at him. I don’t know when was the last time I loved someone so much. I kissed him on his nose and signaled him to come with me to bed. Love holds both desperation and lust at times. The moment we reached bed in no times our clothes were off, and we were lying in each other’s arms.

The kiss with time kept getting passionate, and now our hands were wandering on each other. He has always been little active. In no time he pushed me down and locked my hands, and with every kiss, I was losing my head. I slit his one finger inside my vagina and whispered in my ear, ‘You get turned on so quickly’ and pushed it right back in, and kept repeating it in a rhythm. I was building an orgasm, my eyes were rolled up, and my mouth was open, and within few seconds with a loud noise, I came to an orgasm.

He spooned me for some time, and I was able to feel his hard on, more I was delaying the action more I knew it was going to get me into trouble. He laughed and commanded me to sit on the sofa on all fours. He smacked my ass a few times. I saw my reflection in the mirror, my ass was completely red, and there was a little burning sensation on it.

He asked me to get up, and he sat on Sofa and invited me to sit on him. I smiled, thinking it will be just like riding. It wasn’t. It was for the first time something penetrated right into my vagina in no time. He kept fucking me for few minutes straight, and he pulled my hair. He started playing with my breasts as I continued riding him. I was building an orgasm again. I knew he was not going to stop anytime soon.

I was not able to take it anymore. The moment I hit orgasm I got up and I was rushing to the washroom when it pushed me on the bed and started fucking me doggy style. ‘It is not over until I have an orgasm’ he said and started humping me harder. I knew I was about to faint, my knees were weak, I was sweating and my moans were loud enough to let people know how passionate our session is.

The moment he came I rushed to the washroom and started the shower, which he joined later and started kissing me from back again. I kept running my hands all over his body. After a long shower we moved back to our bedroom, and he had his specs on, he was busy in replying emails again, and I was invisible again. He looked at me innocently and said, ‘Let us go down and eat something’ How come someone so sweet has to monster inside him.

‘Swimming pools are usually empty here’ I commented. He whispered in my ears, ‘Let’s us go there in the evening and try not to wear panties’ Even though it was just a simple statement he made. My nipples were hard as the rock waiting for the evening to start.

4 thoughts on “Behind the closed door.

  1. I usually love your work Udita! But I don’t know why, this time the content lacked depth. The narrative was blunt and straight to the face. There was no “non-linear storytelling” involved. Plus a few grammatical errors – instant turn off.

    Your style of writing makes me read it and perceive it beyond an erotica. The way you engage the reader. It’s just fabulous. Hope to find it there in the future blogs.

    ~The one who calls you a Panda.

  2. Indeed this is sexy, I was flowing with the words.. I was remembering the time I spent last night… love of all. . i was not expecting it to end here .. but its really fine 🙂 thanks for writing. …. 🙂

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