Clingy Lover


He always called me a ‘Clingy Lover.’, because it is hard for me to keep my hands off him. My hands will always roam around his private parts. I always roll my eyes and bite my lips to show him my thirst. But, for a change, I promised him that I wouldn’t jump on him the moment I will see him. I laughed and took a cab, As casual I was picking him up from office to head back to his place.

Long distance relationship is not easy, especially when it requires one to come all the way from Bangalore Airport. I was all chill, drinking water, somewhere inside set to be chill about meeting him but the moment I saw him My body released a lot of hormones in one go.

I was able to feel my private part heating up, and I was losing my cool I wanted to grab him and do him in the car already. The moment we reached he rushed to the washroom and on the other hand I locked the door and started the waiting game. The moment he came out I pushed him on the bed and asked him not to move. I laughed and grabbed a tie to tie him up and started kissing him.
It started off with mild kisses, but soon it started going wilder and wet.

I was able to feel his dick; it was getting harder, almost poking my butt now. I grabbed a hair band and made a hair bun. I was able to hear his friends chatting loudly. It is hard to concentrate on something so steamy and to make sure all the noises stay inside room. I unzipped his pants and grabbed his dick. Oh, his priceless face I went down on him and started licking him. His legs were twisting and turning and more the restless he was the faster I was going and suddenly I was able to feel to hands guiding me to take in more. He grabbed my hair and made me take the whole thing in and after few shots I was able to understand the pattern.

He grabbed my head and forced me flip, next thing I know I was on my four bending down and poking my ass out. There is something weird about change in the image. He has always been a sweet guy; I never expected him to act all rough. He smacked my ass a few times, and I asked him not to do it because it was making a lot of noise. He grabbed me and took me to the washroom and made me bend on the slab. After slapping for a few times, he made me lift up on the leg to place on the slab and started fingering me. It was hard for me. First, I never stretched my legs so much before, and I was already dripping out of desperation. He whispered in my ears, “Guess how many fingers are inside you” I was running out of breath and sweating I begged him to stop.

We both hit the bed, and I was able to hear a noise, He was taking out a condom. A part of me was already tired having multiple orgasms from fingering, and now the very idea of another session was scaring the life out of me. He made me spread my legs and entered me, with every thrust I was coming close to having a climax, and after a point, I started begging him to stop. More I was asking him to go slow the harder he was going.

I reached a point where I dug my nails into him and wrapped my legs around him, taking the whole thing in and bite his neck. I was done having a massive orgasm, and his quick moves were giving a signal that he will have one soon too. After 10 minutes of the steamy session, He came, and I came again.

I rushed for a shower. The moment I looked at my ass; I was able to see marks of his hand all over it. I laughed and realized I’m not able to walk properly. Post shower I went to bed and hugged him just like way Koala Bear hugs the tree and after a long while I had a peacefully tiring sleep.

I learned my lesson, Never trigger a good boy.

4 thoughts on “Clingy Lover

  1. Well portrayed , it was arousing covering almost all moments and thrills even mine can feel jumping out the pants and yeah, it is morning so it is already in striking position. I love to read your articles and read again and again the same article.

  2. I know you from Quora and have read few of your well crafted life experiences there. Got link of your blog from Quora I guess.

    I am glad…I found this. You write amazingly well, even the erotica which needs lot of imagination and craft. Your writing is fresh and kind of stimulating.
    Well done Udita and it is even more satisfying to know that you come from Jharkhand, which is not considered to be so open to such writing genres.
    Keep writing and keep us enthralling.


  3. Hey sexy. I got your link through tinder. And I would love to get friendzoned by you. ; )
    On a serious note though I was thinking of writing somethi g together based on ancient indian sex life and lust.. Care to join.. Drop me a mail.

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