New Year 2017


First of all, I love you. If you are reading this post then there are possible two outcomes, I say that a lot of you or I never mention it to you. 2016, has been an over dramatic, over exhausting and irresistibly emotionally haunting ride for me. I went through a horrible mental breakdown; I still remember withdrawing all the cash out of my ATM Card, switching off my phone and sitting in a shitty hotel of Ranchi for three days just to cry my heart out, do drugs, cut myself and sleep, thinking I will probably never wake up again.

I guess I learned a lot of things this year. Starting off from letting people go- I realized just like ‘My favorite song’ most people in life are temporary, they exist to serve a purpose and once it is over, you have to let them go. No matter how hard it is. Someone rightly said, “There is little love in holding on and a little love in letting go.” I think, I’m okay with making few enemies now, not everyone is going to agree with your opinion and ideologies, so it is acceptable to punch some pretty faces.

I, lately, realized that it is okay to keep my private life private because a lot of people are extremely jobless and have nothing to talk about other than, ‘Who is she dating?’, ‘What is she wearing,’ ‘where she throws her tampons.’ People are weird; they ask you to mind your own business and then count calories of your burger. The worst part is, they are so senior you cannot even say “Fuck off dude, that is my burger, my soda with my chips.”

I realized after a 5km jog, 50 crunches, 25 pushups, 100 high jumps,100 jumping jacks that it is crucial to love your bodies and calories need to be burned by exercise and not by regular sex.It was little tough for me, but I realized what is right for me. *SIGH* (I’m over sexualized)

Also, never quit passion. Never let the artist in you die because of work, professional life, being sick, etc. If you are good at making dolls out of cold drink cans, I will drink Red Bull for you.

It is okay not to be happy all the time but do not let small things affect you. ‘Mom made Tinde? Okay eat it’ ‘Boyfriend forgot your birthday?Kill him’ ‘Bestfriend slept with your man? Do the same’ but do not let these things affect you. Cherish bad moments of your life just like you do good ones.

2016 for me was full of wrong crushes, Horrible educational decisions, getting over a failed relationship, realizing that people only approach you when they need you and the biggest thing I learned was that my problems are going to be my problems and I have to solve it. Rest are just the critics; they will either rate your performance as ‘Good’ or ‘Bad.’

I ran into amazing people this year, Some of the best upcoming comedians, Some are pretty good at running a page fun of horrible punny jokes, some are going against all the odds to give India its next best thing. Some are writing about issues people don’t want to talk about, Some are trying to get over their biggest emotional traumas, some are still trying to stop their parents from taking decisions related to their life. I just want to thank every person I ran into this year; you inspired me a lot, and I hope you achieve everything you are dreaming.

Also, looks like PDA, but I want to thank my guy who helped me in getting out of the pit I was staying in, motivated me into doing something with my life. I’m pretty sure if I had not run into you I would have still been that Hippie chick who says ‘Nonveg Jokes’ to get the attention of guys and will do anything for acceptance in their clan. Life looks so much better when I’m around you; you are my Ted Speaker, Opentalker, My Quora top writer, My ‘Flash, ’ and you are someone I look up to whenever I’m in some emotional crisis of my life. My life pretty much revolves around you and I really cannot imagine a better partner than you.

I think best decision you cannot kick start your new year is by making sure that you do not let opinions of other people drive your personality.Also, love yourself, If you deeply want to love someone and want to do good in personal life, always start off by loving yourself, your body and trust your instincts.If you don’t trust yourself, no one else will.

Thank you!

Also, Just to motivate you:-
ठोस मजबूत भरोसा ,अपने सपनो पे करना
जितने मुंह उतनी बातें ,गौर कितनो पे करना
आज लोगों की बारी ,जो कहें के लेने दे
तेरा भी दिन आएगा,उस दिन हिसाब चूका के रहना

Wish you a very happy 2017 !


2 thoughts on “New Year 2017

  1. Wish you a wonderful year too!

    Do you believe in making new friends? If yes, I would love to get in touch.

    Regards, A big fan of your writings

  2. Hi,
    This is probably the first time i am writing to anyone . Let me tell you I have probably experienced first hand every word you said and felt . Love to you .
    To a stronger 2017

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