The Hotel Room

I got off the bed around usual time. Only instead of going to class for a lecture I took a cab and was on my way to the city. Love is a strong word and has the tendency of making anyone weak with its touch. It makes us do things we never opened ourselves to and probably read about it in books. I got down at the shop and collected around 100 roses, next store I bought a cake, candles, ribbons, and ballons.

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I smiled to myself and made my way to the hotel. The room was cozy with a beautiful French window facing lush green gardens. I took all the petals off and arranged it around on the bed, table, sofas, etc. I blew a couple of balloons and lit candle around everywhere. Suddenly my room’s bell rung and a smile came on my face. I knew who was on the other side. Someone I was waiting for.

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It was the rush of the moment. I felt his presence after a long time. He looked around the room, and his jaw dropped. Sometimes you run into people whom you are supposed to love with every single beat of your heart, and he was one of them. I just wanted to see him happy and was ready to do whatever it takes to make him feel so. Finally, his eyes settled on my face, and he rubbed his thumb on my lips and kissed me deep. I was able to feel his soft lips on mine and his tongue making its way inside my mouth. His hands were messing my hair up.

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He dropped his luggage right over there and climbed on the bed.His hands were working up on me. I was able to feel his hands lift my skirt up. My hands were making way inside his shirt, touching his neck and my nails were digging deep around on his back. His hands were cupping my breasts trying to feel the nipples he was waiting for them to get hard my body was losing its control my body’s needs drove me crazy.

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I got on the top of him and grabbed one of the ribbons and tied his hands. A small grin came on my face as I got a little control over his body. I kissed him deep and bit hard on his lips. “Ouch,” he screamed. But I was least bothered about his pain because it was more about my pleasure that day. I kissed his chest, tickle him around his waist line and kept going doing until and reached his cock. It was hard and ready to be taken out of his cage. I slipped his pants down and started playing with his tool.

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It was priceless to watch someone who has been the reason behind my multiple orgasms lay helpless, twist around and moan in pleasure. I spit on it and licked his cock and started sucking it like a giant lollipop. I almost choked because old joke hit my head, “Penis is lollipops for grown-ups.” I kept playing with it only to realize that he has been staring at me all this while. What I looked right into his eyes was that bad things are about to happen to me. He ordered me to untie him and get condoms. I rushed to his bag and got him condoms.

I comfortably laid myself on the bed with spread legs giving him free access to my vagina. He smiled and came over me “in your dreams” he said as he grabbed my hair, turned me around on my fours. In one thrust his whole cock was inside me, and I let out a small scream. Which he ignored.

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I kept rubbing my vagina while he was fucking me and I believe he wasn’t a fan of it, so he grabbed both of my hands. He started pumping me even harder I was able to feel an orgasm build inside me, and I was trying hard not to come but ‘Ow Hormones, Thou heartless bitch’ I came all over. He finally stopped, I was glad it was over, but it wasn’t. He grabbed my hand asked me to lay down on the table and keep legs on his shoulder. I gulped and did that, He again started fucking me like there was no tomorrow and started rubbing my vagina to increase situation. I was able to feel another quick orgasm build inside me, and within few minutes I came all over. I was not able to stand anymore; My legs were shaking, and I was losing my senses. He asked me to lay down peacefully on the bed and started fucking me again, this time, I knew he was close to an orgasm. The movements tell you a lot about guy’s drive.

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I suddenly got up and made him stand. I took off the condom, it was extremely slippery because of my love juices all over it and started sucking his dick hard. His face was giving me all the signs that he is about to cum and moment he was about to I pointed out his tool on my face. The juices were flowing from my face toward my breasts.

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I got up and rushed for a quick shower which he later joined. A faint smile was on my face all the time, and so was the Thai food smell all over in our room. We both smiled and left our room together for lunch. Every staff member of the hotel was staring at us. Was it because of screams or because of hickeys all over our neck, I don’t know, but it was the best night we both had in a long while.

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We both spent whole evening sleeping, resting in each other’s arms. He asked me “Do you believe in Forever?” and a moment I replied, “I do.” My phone beeped with a message from my mother ‘Your Visa is confirmed you are leaving country next year.’ On the bed of thousand dreams and thousands of lies, one truth could have stopped storms of fights.

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17 thoughts on “The Hotel Room

  1. What kind of girl you are! You are bringing shame to the society. You are a girl and you should learn to be in limits. Its for your good only.

    1. Akansha , your mind is still in 1970s. Do you live in one of those villages near meerut? Talk sense , get maturity out of you.

      1. Well, if you call “writing erotica” is maturity then I hope your “Sister(s)” is also mature 😀 😀 😀

      2. @Ashish You are as stupid as the writer of this blog is. You think writing erotic stories is “maturity” I hope your sister(s) is(are) also mature.

    2. Your comment literally cracked me up. Guess it didn’t strike you about the society till you finished reading it. You cant even handle an account of someone’s fantasy(or reality). If you cant appreciate how inventively its penned down then keep your comments to yourself.. Meh!

  2. It got really horny in second time where the lady took off the condom and took the ejaculation on her face while tripped to her breasts.. However if she could hv taken the juice in her mouth and given the guy a gargled blow job.. It would hv been more fun.
    Story is very short lacked a bit exposure to the erotica land.. There was no back action there was no bra unhooking no panties wetness no odor description.. It could hv been more ornamented

  3. Expressions are awesome. Thought flow is seamless. Instigating no wonder basic instincts triggered as the story progressed to climax and brought the senses back while helpless saw myself oozing…..keep it up. Awesome.

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