My Satan.



I hope you read these blog years from now. While running your hands on my white-streaked hair and sipping from your old coffee mug, one I gave you post that huge fight where I started throwing everything at you in the kitchen. You will be happy to see my head resting on your lap while going throw our old photo albums.
There are small things about you that I will take to my death bed. Like how you adjust your glasses while trying to make a point, how you look away from your computer just to see what I’m up to, how you kiss me in the middle of argument just to divert my mind. Man, small things you do, have a huge impact on my life.
I’ve always been an insecure lover. I’ve always been afraid of losing my partner. With so much baggage it is okay for me to feel this way. People always compliment me having a partner like you. I’m afraid that maybe I’m not good enough for you. I believe you deserve someone better, maybe someone smarter, a little more mature, probably better looking. But as someone rightly said love happens when you least expect it to happen. You fell in love with someone who is filled with flaws. You probably are not looking for someone perfect. You are looking for someone who is ready to love you hopelessly. You have always supported my craziness and insecurity.
There is something about the way you touch me. It is magical. Most erotic memories of ours are always rushing through my mind. I have always cherished the marks you leave behind after making love. I wear those marks with a lot of pride. There is something satanic about the way you look at me. You love the way I beg for mercy from you. You love how restless I become the moment you touch my vagina. I love how you whisper my name in my ears and ask me how badly I want you inside me. Your eyes are hauntingly beautiful.
Every time we have sex I’m able to see so much lust in them. As if you want me to suffer. You want to see me restless. You expect me to be weak on my knees and beg you till I reach my orgasm. I love the craving we share for each other; I love the wildness we possess. I will remember those hot nights and steamy sessions forever. I believe, my body will be long for you forever.

You are Satan, my love.

4 thoughts on “My Satan.

  1. Sex is not less than meeting the god, the feeling when both of the partner are at resonance truly can’t be explained in words. At that very high moment pushing into vagina and she begging for more of it. Its kind of like yes baby I am giving you my full bit the baby is like bit more..try to touch my limits, go beyond this physical word, literally touch my emotions.

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