My Forever

It has hard to sit by yourself when you have so much going on in your head. My eyes were constantly shifting from looking outside the window and back at my laptop screen. I was waiting for him to message me up. Ultimately, I took my phone and messaged him. Sometimes you really have no clue why you want to talk to someone; you just want to talk to them. You want to have a conversation – just to know what they are up to. I ran my left hand on my neck and stopped right where he left a mark. And whole night was right in front of me all over again.

I was sitting at my friend’s place, putting on glittery nail paint while texting him. I was not able to take the distance anymore. Half drunk that I was, I booked a cab all the way to his place. It was hard for me to even stand but I wanted to see him, my eyes needed him right in front of me. I saw him walking toward me, Out of nowhere I blushed and ran toward him. He held my waist and we went back to his place.

There was something about his place, it was large and beautiful. It had those oil paintings and small chandeliers to give it that old age home finish. He clutched my shoulders tight ‘Welcome aboard’. I sat and talked to his friends for a long while. Everything about him was so alluring – the way he talked, the way he shyly uses to put his hands in jeans pockets and adjust his specs before making any point.

He held my hand and took me to his terrace, it was huge and God bless Bangalore weather, nothing could have been better than that scene. Winds were blowing on my face and Goosebumps were arousing me. I ran my hands on his fountain and came toward terrace edge. We looked right into each others’ eyes and he clutched my hands extremely tight, came close and blew air right on my face and asked me to follow his lead. Next thing I knew, we are dancing together. I don’t know when the last time I laughed so hard was. Finally, the moment came, he held me close and we kissed.

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I was able to feel his soft lips on mine. His tongue was making way inside slowly and teeth finding different ways of biting my lips. He finally let me go, but my hands were inside his shirt trying to feel his warmth. We shyly looked away and went inside. We interacted with everyone for a while and then we went inside his bedroom. I ran my hands on his piano; small things were thrown here and there. Phones, chargers, USB cables were all over the bed. His clothes were here and there. I rolled my eyes and jumped on the bed and he did same.

I slid myself into his arms and I felt so relaxed. Finally, maybe for the moment, but he was mine. He kissed my earlobe, followed by my neck and slowly he lowered my top and kissed my neck. I was able to feel his weight on my body now. He was taking control of me, I looked right into his eyes, helplessly – begging him for more. I took off his shirt and bit his shoulder. He didn’t scream, he just smiled and started smooching me deep. And finally he pulled my bra off and started slapping my boobs, he kept doing that, he was enjoying occasional pinching and my legs twisting and turning on the bed. He lowered down my pants and slapped my inner thigh. He was enjoying it. He rolled me on the bed and spanked my ass.

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I begged him not to do that, not because I was not enjoying or something but because his friends were still up and I didn’t want them to hear my moans out. But they were not expecting us to play ludo inside anyway. I laughed to myself when I saw him get off the bed and finally I rolled around and started going through emails on my phone when he came over me again and muffled my screams. I was able to feel him making his way inside me. I was running out of breath, I ended up scratching him all over my back. I begged him for not stopping and we kept making love till we sweat. Finally, he was little tired so he asked me to sit on him, He was a machine when it came to sex. It was non-stop and I was struggling to keep myself up.


I was able to feel an orgasm, my knees were weak ,finally, I stopped moving and the moment he took his tool out , he was able to feel my juices all over him. He pinned me to bed again and spooned me. He ran his hands on my legs and spread them and before I could react, his fingers were inside me and I was shaking. He was vigorously moving his fingers inside me and finally when he stopped a pile of juice came out again. I made my way inside washroom to clean myself and realized It is hard for me to even walk. I looked at him angrily and then let out a small smile.

I came back from the washroom and hugged him tight and sleep. Sometimes you can feel someone’s love through the way they sleep with you. I didn’t let me go even for a second and first thing he did moment we woke up was, kiss my forehead. There are different ways of expressing your feelings and I believe this one was his. I got up and got dressed and made my way outside. He came all the way to drop and kissed my cheeks before leaving. Before leaving for work I looked right into his eyes and then ran across the road to get inside my cab.

And that night I knew I was in love and I lived my forever because his eyes were saying something similar too.

5 thoughts on “My Forever

  1. Loved the way you painted the story. Lovely!

    just a small correction. “HE” didn’t let me go even for a second and first thing he did moment we woke up was, kiss my forehead. (last para)

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