The Sinful Touch

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Have you ever been in love before?

Have you ever been in lust?

Have you ever wanted someone’s’ memories not to turn into dust

Have you ever longed for someone’s touch so much?

I miss how she use to come close and blow smoke on my face.

I miss how she made me smudge her lipstick in disgrace

I miss how her sharp nails ran on my thigh

I miss the things we do when we were high

How she slowly use to lose herself in my arms

How she was my morning alarm

How her perfume smelled every morning

How she use to wake up my neighbours with moaning

How she use to choke and gasp for air

How I use to drag her and pull her hair

How she always wanted more

How she wanted to be done like never before

I miss how she use to bite her lips  longing for kisses

I miss those blinking eyes and those erotic hisses

How she wanted to see my darker side

How she wanted to be submissive still fly like a kite

I miss her eyes and I miss her talks

Now all I see is her lying on the floor

In the pool of blood; on her dead bed

She will never know how many tears I shed

10 thoughts on “The Sinful Touch

  1. You have got a knack for writing girl 🙂
    Let’s meet for dinner, if you are still interning in bangalore 🙂

  2. you are one hell of a writer…………… I need to learn more from you…. I know girls are good in content waiting but now even poetry… and that too in so hot sexy word…. I am impressed … I am always ready to offer a drink to such a writer … keep the good work going

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