The CarPooling


Bangalore | India 

I was crossing my legs every now and then. Biting my lips and adjusting my glasses. Sometimes wait for something makes you crazy. Something similar was going on with me. The wait for the weekend ? I don’t know.. but it was making me restless . I was staring at glass windows – again and again. I was looking at every face – how it was so rigidly close to their laptop as if they will kiss it next second.

Moment clock hit the time , I rushed outside and booked the cab. I got in and took a long breath. I realized that a guy was sitting next to me , I smiled at him and we exchanged welcoming gestures. It was Bangalore traffic complimented by Bangalore’s heavy rains. I kept on staring outside. I was getting bored – I turned on my laptop and started watching FRIENDS. I believe it caught his attention – we smiled and I took a look at him all over again. He was wearing a white shirt – which went all see through because of rain – I was able to see his abs – he was a fitness freak , with some visible tattoos and those army brat hair paired with geeky specs. He was one of a kind.
A conversation started off and seemed to be never ending. We had everything in common. Like everything was happening on purpose. It was an hour long journey and once I reached my place I gave him my card and rushed upstairs. Little did I know – I was carrying my room’s key chain all the time in my hand which was screaming my flat number 404.
I got fresh and started off with my regular socializing job. After an hour my bell rang , It was awkward – I knew here and no one knew my place – there was no key hole. I gulped and open the door. I smiled – it was the same guy I shared my cab with. I welcomed him in and started making coffee for him. I walked into` the kitchen and he followed me.

I walked inside the kitchen and he followed me.
He came from back and kissed my neck – moment he started I was losing myself and finally, he blindfolded me and took me to my bedroom. He slowly started taking off my top – there was no point in resisting it – we both wanted it. He came close and bit my neck and lowered my panties. Running my legs on the bed was never more arousing. Finally, he spread them and came in the middle. I was able to feel his breath
“You really are desperate,” He said as he slapped me

He pulled my cheeks and continued “Such an innocent face and look what she is doing”
He pinched my nipples and let out a scream. He rushed and took out his handkerchief and stuffed in my mouth.
“Now you will understand the pain. You are such an easy target.” He inserted his fingers in my pussy and licked it.
“You were sharing a cab with me and now a bed,” He said as he flipped me.
He took my hand and made me touch his hard on. “You are dead tonight”
I let out a moan as I touched that 8-inch monster , he lowered my head and held my ass high and finally he started fucking me from back. A part of me was enjoying it and a part of me was scared , I was able to feel his hand around my asshole , he rubbed my cum over and next thing I knew was that his finger is side me. He was simultaneously fucking my two holes. I was able to feel him go harder than ever. He clutched my hair tight and made me turn around and look at him and spit on me – Finally, he pushed it in and groaned loudly and finally went to the washroom.
The moment he came back I asked him “Why he did that to me ?”
“I knew about you , I know what you are and do not act innocent – you enjoyed it – your hands weren’t tied you could have let go but you didn’t – because you wanted it – Sugar up baby doll , I’ll be your regular visitor now,“ he said and got dressed.
I rushed to washroom for shower and when I came back – he was gone but he left something for me – A Pizza , A Bottle of wine and red roses ; With a note saying ‘See you soon again’

18 thoughts on “The CarPooling

  1. Going by the extraordinary quality in writing erotica that you have reached, I highly recommend that you start diversifying too with more frequent stories and going towards even more experiments (like lesbian or threesome etc). It felt nice that you have started with the “other hole” explanations for a change. Nice to see the change in flavor. Hoping for more. You make us greedy with your expertise madam. Keep rocking.

  2. 1. It didn’t rained yesterday in Bangalore.
    2. The co-incidence of meeting a guy that too with abs which was visible because he was wet in “cab”. Ohh may be he made him wet by spilling water on him. #Stud guy
    3. The imaginary 404 room number. #Err Page not found
    4. The guy is stud who knows that this girl lives alone. #Wolf of Bangalore
    5. Living alone in a flat is quite impossible for immigrant or if you are rich enough to book cab , ohh but you booked “Carpool”.

    #Carpool rarely work if it is raining because of surge pricing.

  3. I Live in blore from past 5 years!!! Use Pool daily … never ever saw such situation…. so were u drunk writing this or just luring ur readers by writing another Savita bhabhi episode

      • You can actually see some examples of such audio stories in female voices on Literotica where the authors have posted their stories without any other person’s voice. They have just explained their stories in a seductive varying voice with variable intensity and few moans, your own voice will be enough for the same. In anticipation of a new story on the blog soon. Just thought of it, decision rests with you if you agree with my idea. Thanks for the reply Udi.

  4. Woah udita, awesome! The way you narrated this, kudos!
    It erected my thing 🙂
    Will look for a catch up in Bengaluru for dinner 🙂

  5. HI Udita,

    Dickup here, I am a vivid erotica writer. I have written many posts of different genre.
    Would love to work with you in writing different stories.


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