The Room Service


I was looking outside the hotel window ; Finally, storms were hitting hard in Ranchi. I was in love with those little droplets voices I was hearing. I ran my eyes around the room again; It was huge and comfortable – not with all the luxuries one wants but for the kind of rate I got, I was totally fine with it. I finally plugged in my headphones and started listening to “Bohemian Rhapsody” 

My phone vibrated; an expected text from an expected person arrived.
“We are here”
I ran my hands on my phone and closed music player.
Phone vibrated again
“Come in half hour”

I got up and started brushing my hair. I picked up my bag and took out my Black lacy bra with pink embroidery all over it. I straighten my hair and put on my heels. It was hard to stand on 5 inches heels but I was supposed to take that kind of pain. I put on red lipstick and bold eyeliner. I put on the little perfume. I stepped outside the door to check if someone was there.
My phone vibrated again
I was getting restless, I ran upstairs and knocked at the door.
“Room Service,” I said in a very seductive tone.

A guy opened the door. He was extremely tall and was muscular build with really big eyes and looked right into my eyes. I observed their room, it was little smaller than mine and was having alcohol bottles everywhere. I adjusted my bra and lighten up a smile but they were getting I was uncomfortable. There were two more guys in the room , one with French beard – running his hands on his marriage ring and another one was an old friend – he smiled at me – probably the only good thing that happened to me at that moment.
It was the alcohol or maybe the environment but something about the night was making me warm and sweaty.

I took my robe off and the moment I did one of them gave an understanding nod and two of three left the room saying ‘they will be back in half hour’ I knew what was going to happen next. He closed the door and asked me to face the window.
Chilly windows blew across my face as I gulped in. His hands were on my shorts and he lowered them. He grabbed my ass and kept slapping it till I let out a little scream. He pushed me on the bed and got over me and we started kissing. He constantly kept on kissing me , from my lips to his I was able to see lipstick changing its team to winning the party.

He popped a breast out of my baby doll suit and kept on slapping it , he pinched my breast sometimes to let out some moans and again was back to slapping. Suddenly electricity of the whole place went off. I thought that will stop him .. but it didn’t I was able to hear him unzip and a sound of unwrapping something. I closed my eyes as a tear roll down. He inserted his tool in and smooched me hard to ruffle all my screams and kept doing me until he was tired. I looked at watch again , there were still 10 minutes to his friend show up. I got up to get dressed and went near the window to pick it. He held me by my hair and made me face the window , he kept on making me bend until he reached a certain point and next thing was he doing me from back.

10 seconds after he was done , his friends knocked. I took everything and ran inside the washroom. I came out and I saw him packing his bags. I was confused why he is leaving. I wanted to ask but I thought of skipping the topic. He kissed my forehead and left. I was left with two of his friends out of which one took the key to my room and went to take rest. Another one was packing his bags moment he bent down he saw my thongs. He picked it up and showed it to me , I had no answer. I knew I was supposed to submit myself to him. He smiled and stood in front of me , he was tall build and was like one of that hunk you see in movies. He ran his hands over my lips and used his finger as a hook to open my mouth and stuffed panties in them.

He threw me on the bed and got over me. He opened the drawer and took out a condom. As if things were already planned , as if things were supposed to happen this way. He kept fucking me and biting all over my shoulder. He was least bothered about my pain but after some time, I realized I was not in pain anymore. I was actually enjoying being used by him. Biggest dilemma was , whether I was supposed to be ashamed of myself or not and I realized I was not supposed to be ashamed of my sexuality.

He pushed me away once he was done. I got up , collected my stuff and ran down stairs. A couple of workers noticed me go down but it was too late at night to create a hype about it. The moment I reached my room I threw all my clothes and took a shower and rolled myself in the blanket. It would have been an hour or half of sleep when I realized someone has grabbed me hard. I tried to hold his hands and suddenly I felt a ring , I stopped struggling because I knew who the person was now. I spread my legs and lay there as he filled my holes the way his heart desired , once he was done I rushed to the washroom and slept again.

As the sun let out its first set of ray I wrapped myself in disgrace and shame and ran out of the hotel. Biggest question which I had in my mind was , Though it was all against my will I still enjoyed it , how was I not able to stop them ? Why was it hard for me to imagine that it will not happen again ?
Bigger question which hit me later was when my phone vibrated and messaged asked
“When are you entertaining all of us again ?”

11 thoughts on “The Room Service

  1. vodka, lust,sex doesn’t get any better than your words. surely the one to converse while on drinks (y).
    would you make up some time for me ??

  2. Doesn’t get on better than your words !! vodka, lust and sex are just nothing.
    It’s going to be a dreamer to have a conversation over beer alongside. Would you ??

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