Promises I Promise To Keep

Old School Love: Social Media PDA? Yeah , that actually is part of relationship these days but I promise something little more , something little old school – I promise to write you Love Letters – yeah , those handwritten , typewriter ones , on those colored pages and post them to you. I promise to make handmade cards with weird drawings naming them as us. large (1).jpg
Tasty Food: Sounds like bragging but I’m a pretty nice cook and  I have heard that way to man’s heart is through his stomach – so I promise to always cook something or the other tasty for you. Had a bad day at the office ? It’s me waiting with Rajma Chawal for you and some Kheer tops it !

large (2).jpg
Too much sexual experiments: Tasty food = lot of fat , I promise to make sure that your sex life is active and happening. Cupcakes to handcuffs – bring it on. From the parking lot to balcony – we will have it all. large (3).jpg
• Too Many Surprises: Saw a new shirt hanging in your cupboard ? Saw a Royal Enfield waiting for you downstairs ? That will be my kind of thing. I promise to spoil and pamper you so much with surprises that you actually take every step of your life with excitement

large (4).jpg

Too Funny: I promise to keep cracking jokes all my life to keep you happy , even if it requires me making fun of my favorite characters from TV Shows. I promise to do lame mimicry of your arch nemesis and boss to make you feel better – trust me , bitching about someone you hate do helps.

large (6).jpg
• Sports: Though I’m not a sports fan but I promise to watch matches with you , try to understand the game , be happy about someone winning and do post match judgment with you. Also , I promise to update you with scores and relationship status of your favorite sports person. Also , I promise to play all your favorite games from CS To GTA to NFS.

large (7).jpg
• Trips: I promise to plan some or the other exotic weekend getaways for both of us to rediscover the love we have for each other.

large (8).jpg
• Equality: There will be days you will be washing my delicate Lingerie and there will be days I will take a car for maintenance – there will be no job assignment on the basis of sex. We share pauper and luxurious moment of our lives equally.

large (9).jpg
• Cost Control: No , no going to expensive bars and paying crap loads of taxes. Do You want to have some fun ? We can get the bottles of alcohol – maybe I do a little cosplay for you and we watch my favorite rom-com together. No not-so-mandatory-but-other-couples-do-crap.

large (10).jpg
You are allowed to PMS: Yes , you can have your days when I will hug you , spoon you , buy you ice cream and catch all tantrums you throw. I promise to take all your mood swings to keep you happy.

large (11).jpg
• I promise to hopelessly love you – when you have teeth – when you don’t , when you have hair and when you are bald , when you like Tinda and when you hate Momos – I promise to love you forever , until and unless , you suddenly lose interest in Samosas or maybe start hating puppies for no reason or stop finding Pandas cute – then I’m sorry – we’ll have to go on our separate ways.

large (12).jpg

7 thoughts on “Promises I Promise To Keep

  1. Its interesting to see that a girl has so much to offer to his future boyfriend – you haven’t even met THE guy. Dont take me wrong, having these dreams of your own is not at all wrong to think about, humans are designed to dream and that’s what differentiates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. But consider this, what if the guy you eventually fall in love with doesn’t want you to do half of this stuff? I understand that “falling in love” and “being with each other” is about compatibility, understanding and yada yada yada – so you would think that you would end up with a guy who would want you to do all this stuff. But sometimes you just love the person for who they are, not for who you want them to be or what you want to do with them.

    Point being, its good to dream about your perfect someone but setting your expectation before you even meet them (even if you are on the giving end) may be too much.

    The thoughts in this article is a good read – the tree outside my window looks better now 🙂

    • Hi Vasu !
      Totally get your point. But you think I’ll be that gullible and easy that I’ll fall for wrong one ? I have my series of check list. I’ll not just run into someone outside club after 10 vodka shots. It will be someone I’ve known for years and been together with for a long while

  2. Well after a lot of sacred sexual pen downs, here comes the best part of Romance…
    Words and its magic👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
    Loved the mood swings line… I see a lot from my girl😂😂😂

  3. I read most of ur blogs. Well done.

    But there is something special about this one. Much more imaginative harmon are secreted as compared to others. An absolute masterpiece.

    Some lines from my mind:
    “One night will come when we lay naked, but not have sex, I will move my hands on your bare back and we enjoy the festival of togetherness”

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