Sins on Bed.

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“Excuse me; Can we repeat another Vodka shot for the lady?” Akshay instructed that to waiter

I smiled and raised my glass, asking him to add more.
He left the premises; I and Akshay started our chit chat again.
“So. Like Gurgaon?”
“Actually, No,” I said
He looked puzzled and disappointed. I rubbed my thigh and finally his eyes were on my legs. He looked back right into my eyes. His cheeks were red as if he saw something which he was not supposed to see.
“You distract people a lot” he winked.
The waiter came back with the vodka shot. I smiled and took it in one go. Finally, my dizziness was hitting me hard. I laughed and pulled his chair close.
“I hate crowd, I hate so many people around me. I cannot take this hectic ‘corporate life’ I have some other life goals in my head, better ones, one with a happy ending. I don’t want a deluxe flat in some cyber city or a duplex in Metro hub. My goals are different I want a farmhouse in some hill station waking up to the cuddling love of my life and sun rays hitting our window. I’m not really hush hush city fan”
After 11 more vodka shots Akshay called cheque and took off my heels.
“Are these 5 inches of heels? Oh god! Who wears them? It is like self-torture” He pulled me close and made me walk with him to his car.
The moment we entered car I turned on my playlist and whispered in his ear “Don’t you get turned on by high heels? Or by my really short dress? or by me being so sloshed that no matter what you will do I won’t stop you” I bit his ear and sat back on my seat.
I was able to see sweat beads on his forehead
“Do you remember your address ?” He asked me in very concerned voice.

“Drop me at some OYO room,” said as I wore my heels again.
A small devilish grin formed on his face.

“My flat is 15 minutes from here and I have no roommates, you can stay in one of the rooms. I promise I won’t do any monkey business” He smiled and pinched my cheeks.

“Uhu” I nodded and we made way to his flat.
I liked his apartment, it was so cosy and comfortable. He guided me to his room and I fell on his bed. He smiled and took off my stilettos again. I took his collar and pulled him close and kept looking in his eyes. He moved away and started taking off my earrings. And finally, his hands were on my thigh, touching them, feeling the warmth.
He controlled himself and asked me “You mind if I take your clothes? I mean coat”

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I laughed and threw coat at him, followed by my dress.
He went inside his closet and came back with shirts and boxers. He asked me to get up. He started running his hands on my back and with a pop, he popped open my bra. His hands were slowly rubbing my breasts and suddenly he pinched my nipples.
“OUCH ” I screamed
“Sorry I got distracted,” He said and made me wear his tee
He flipped me around and I got on all four.
He slapped my ass.
I bit my lips and tried to get up but I fell again. He took off my bodysuit and started running his hands on my legs, spreading them wide, touching at places he was not supposed to touch.
He came close, finally, the moment I was waiting for. I got up to kiss him but he moved away and made me wear shorts.
I rolled myself in a blanket and slept. He came and made his way in. I came close to him and was talking about life after death. How I don’t want to go through the pains of life, I want one-time death, spot on. No tortures no nothing just a painful death with an accident – no fear of getting old. Tears started dropping through my eyes and he grabbed me and started kissing me.
I was able to feel the taste of beer he had that night his hands made way inside my top and he started pinching my nipples again.
“Say you want it” Akshay screamed. “Say you want it”
“I want you, I want us to have it” I kept moaning
I started biting his neck and pulled his zipper down.

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What happened after next two hours I don’t remember. Next morning I woke up with a headache. I saw him walking inside my room in a towel and then I realized I was naked. My clothes were all over his place. He walked in with a coffee and kissed my nose and tossed me his shirt.

I wore it and started sipping coffee and suddenly whole night hit me again.
I remembered taking off his clothes, I remembered pushing him down on the bed, I remembered blowing him until he moaned his heart out, I remembered him deep inside me in all intense position on could think of.

I held bed corner tight and suddenly it hit me. My head was swinging from the edge when made me gag on his tool. And after a flip, he fucked me on the edge of the bed. I remember riding him biting his back.

I remembered being on all four as he pumped the life out of me and kept thrashing me until and unless I begged him not to do that.
I ran my hands over my shoulder and neck, it was filled with hickeys.
I got up and got dressed. He came inside. I felt pretty embarrassed.

“My Uber is on the way, I’ll be leaving within 10 minutes,” I said without looking into his eyes.

“Cancel it now” he ordered.
Without many efforts, I cancelled it and sat down on the bed.

“I will drop you and maybe we can grab lunch somewhere,” he said and kissed my forehead.

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Maybe that night was just another night he was not in the mood of talking about. I smiled and agreed to whatever he said. We had quiet lunch together at some north Indian restaurant and later he was dropping me home. He saw my male friends standing outside waiting for me.
I got out and made my way inside, my friend hugged me and welcomed me inside.
My phone started vibrating, It was Akshay.

I went downstairs. He asked me to come close. I bent at his window. He held my jaw tight and whispered “You are mine” and smooched me hard. He bit my lip, it was hurting, I was bleeding but the pain was not pain anymore. I was hungry to get drunk with him again.

7 thoughts on “Sins on Bed.

  1. Hmm, that was a great story with a twitch of domination… I felt some what like fifty shades of gray story while reading it!
    Keep up the good work!

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