20 Goals for 20 Year Old me !

Happy New Year 2016 ! I couldn’t care less about stupid ritual we follow of spamming our friends’ inboxes with crappy pictures with 28750813750193-year-old new year jokes. With exact 24 hours to my 20th , I want everyone to know what I have set as goal for my next one year to come.

large (1)

  1. Gift myself  Vacations :-

          Macau & KrabiKrabi-15.jpg

  1. Add one ‘Apple product’ to familylarge (2)
  2. Learn to be honest , no matter what it leads tolarge (3)
  3. Give importance to people large (4)
  4. Stop holding on to wrong peoplelarge (5).jpg
  5. Turn into red headlarge (6).jpg
  6. NO MORE BRAND SLAVERYlarge (10).jpg
  7. Hold on to commitments I makelarge (7).jpg
  8. Not be afraid to fall in lovelarge (8).jpg
  9. Stop Disappointing people
  10. Grow Nailslarge (9).jpg
  11. Brazilian WAXlarge (11).jpg
  12. Get my medicals check up done on timelarge (12).jpg
  13. Stop getting attached to TV serieslarge (13).jpg
  14. Have time for family                         large (14).jpg
  15. Stop being cold to people large (15).jpg
  16. Marc Jacobs , Chanel and Steve Madden are supposed to be added to collection                         large (16).jpg
  17. Uninstall all shopping apps from phone    large (19)
  18. Adopt some real cool hobbieslarge (17).jpg
  19. Be Old Me.large (18).jpg

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