Type Of Guys You Meet On Tinder :-


So, Special thanks ā letting my last post go viral! And a lot of people left messages – ‘tell me the type of guys you met on Tinder’ So here it goes – Just want to let you know, I have swiped over 300 guys right on Tinder and talked to only 25-30. Call me jerk, but yes, that’s me. So, there goes the list of the type of people I have met on Tinder.


  1. The Show Offs: They are probably the one who Hashtag up #BMW #Audi #DadKaMoney and probably can never stop talking about their exotic vacation to some deserted corner of the world where they did nothing other than taking a bunch of Instagram photos and show off their iPhone with mandatory mirror click with phone in their hands!giphy.gif
  2. The not so coffee: They moment you swipe them right, they start asking for your address. Nope . no coffee no nothing just want to see your face right away – probably the one who have gone through some terribly wrong dates – let’s say – same-sex dates.Game-of-Thrones-confused-gif
  3. The Desperate Ones: They are riding their Vehicles on ‘I want sex lane’ and Nope, they don’t want conversations. They want to jump into your flat right away with the wine bottle and the packet of condom.Chandler_Bing.gif
  4. The Smart Ones: They know why they are there. Smart and direct Bio and required profile picture and they take dates very smoothly and hit the right button at a right time and get an invitation back to place.tumblr_n9bfco6Kcd1slejfuo1_500.gif
  5. The Wrong Ones: You will regret every second of swiping them right because they will be so weird that they will keep pinging you until and unless you don’t reply or unmatch. And your worst nightmare will be exchanging numbers with them.Z1jxy4z.gif
  6. The Celebrities: They are not real celebrities, They are just people with Profile picture of Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan etc with Bio as ‘Verified Account 2014’tumblr_m8crsqMVPr1rrk77xo1_r2_500
  7. The Disturbed Ones: These people are the ones who swipe you right and talk to you and if you ignore them because you have the life they will report your profile. Yes, there are such creeps who will do this to you for no good reasons.giphy (1)
  8. The Photoshopped ones: They are probably same people who met Katrina, Kareena and who not in Photo Lab. With weird profiles, they are only shipped right by people who are paralyzed and even they won’t talkbollywoodphotoshopfailsthataresobadtheyareawesome7_1403878930.jpg
  9. The Ex Crier: These people are open to going on date but the moment some spark enters they start mentioning their past relationships and they cannot stop and they will keep on mentioning how bad/good his ex was , how much they never wanted to let them go , how much their friends are pushing them to date and somewhere inside they will only take picture with you just to show their ex that they are happy but we all know what happens after 3 pegs.anigif_enhanced-buzz-25524-1365207392-3_preview
  10. The Sexist Ones: They probably are so frustrated with their life and the women in their life that they keep on mentioning some joke or some post or some incident which concludes women are either – poor, gold diggers, helpless, heartless, whore etc and still expect you to reply their messages later and somewhere inside you actually regret swiping them rightgiphy (2).gif

Author: IUditaPal

Erotica Blogger, Unsuccessful author, Self-proclaimed internet celebrity & That fat woman who thinks that she looks beautiful. Could have made a lot of money if I had sex with old men for monetary benefits but I choose to have self-esteem instead and use old school, a slow and hardworking way of building my empire. I'm one of a kind person and I will for sure change the way you look at life. I'm not your regular girl; my creativity starts from pooping early morning and ends at masturbating late at night. My idea of sex is female, and my idea of wine includes me bashing the lifestyle I have. I touch the topics people don't want to touch, talk about issues which we don't want to talk about and tell about part of life which we keep to ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Type Of Guys You Meet On Tinder :-”

  1. And then you missed out on those one’s who are chill with whether they get a reply o not! They juss simply have a look at galz way of describing herself in those limited words and hardly judge them on beauty, rather brains! Cuz these sort of guys are lookin out for hangouts and partners in what we call “crazy crimes!” Juss added up!😝

  2. You have exactly described all the girls I have met over Tinder if you just replace every “Guy” word with “Gals/Girls” in your blog 😀 😀 😀

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