“Is the Coffee good?” I asked Ashima as I started eating sandwich.

“Who is this guy with whom you desperately want to hitch me?” She asked as she opened pack of sugar. I couldn’t help but notice her sharp nails , which can literally kill you. ‘Girls starching your neck while having sex is a turn on… There are certain levels though. Moment you cross it , you become animal’ Shashwat’s words were rotating in my head and a smile came on my face.

“Uhmm This guy .. well.. Shashwat ? Uhm Tall , dark and handsome” I said as I looked outside window. I looked at my reflection I was looking so upset. Even the very idea of someone else meeting him was killing me inside.

“Isn’t he the same guy with whom you are friends with benefits?” I almost choked on my sandwich.

“No..No…Noo whaaa No. No… Noo” I kept on saying no and she burst out laughing.

“Don’t lie to me. I checked what you guys text about all day long and look at your neck and cleavage ” She said and point her hands at my rack.

“Aww man ! is that why we got free cookies ? I thought CCD man was into me” I took a scarf out of my bag and wrapped it around my neck.

I sighed and started eating sandwich quietly. “So.. why you wanna hitch us ?” She asked to break the silence between us.

“I feel like.. you guys have a connection” I said and ran my hands on my phone.  I was checking texts from him. I closed my phone and looked right into her eyes.

“I believe you guys have a connection” She said as she clutched my hands tight.

“We don’t we are bros“  I said and jerked my hands off. Last thing which I wanted was Ranchi crowd thinking that I’m homosexual. Not that I have problem, but already we don’t have ‘The Package Guys’ in Ranchi, I was not in mood of ruining my overall score with opposite sex people in this town.

“Oh really ? You guys are bros ? Well then why you talk about him all day long ? Why can’t you stand the idea of anyone dating him ? Why you never go on dates with guys I hitch you with ? Why you avoid talking to any guy I introduce you to ? What it takes to go , hold his face tight and let him know that you are in love with him ?” She said and rushed to counter to get her another coffee and snacks.

Suddenly my phone pinged.

Shashwat: Scored this bong here. We are going out tonight and I’m going inside her later.

I was not having clue how I was supposed to react.

Me: You were supposed to take me out today for dinner. Anyways , it’s okay. She likes it dirty. Do her well tonight. Brb in CCD with Ashima. See ya later alligator ?

I switched off my phone and Ashima joined me back. I was ready with a perfect reply “You think I never tried ? He knows I love him but he says he sucks at relationship and right now relationship is last thing he wants. If I will cry in front of him within 10 minutes he will say yes. But that is something I don’t want. It should be from heart you see. I can’t force someone to be in love with me. I can try to make him love me and trust me I’m trying every day. Those late night calls I have with him. I want every possible call to end with an I Love You but it is not and I’m losing hope now” I said and little did I know little tears started dropping from my eyes.

“I’m not going to hug you and clearing one thing , I’m not going out with him – ever and ask him to stop banging every girl he meets” she said

“Why ?” I asked little confused.

“You don’t feel like if he will keep on sleeping with these girls and keep bragging with you .. someday you will feel like .. ” She paused and looked at me.

“She will feel like what?” Shashwat asked.

“Nothing. I will feel like nothing” I said , little confused.

“What about your date with that hot bong you just scored ?” I asked little confused.

“I promised us a date. And priorities are different” he said and kissed my forehead.

“I guess we should now” Ashima said as she got up.

“Hope you are not just another number to him” she whispered in my ears.

Later that night I asked him “Am I just a number to you ?”

He lit his joint and said “Even if you will be a number. You will be number one”

I fell asleep in his arms. It felt so right in here. There was one definition for sure – I love him and I have to make him fall in love with me


Author: IUditaPal

Erotica Blogger, Unsuccessful author, Self-proclaimed internet celebrity & That fat woman who thinks that she looks beautiful. Could have made a lot of money if I had sex with old men for monetary benefits but I choose to have self-esteem instead and use old school, a slow and hardworking way of building my empire. I'm one of a kind person and I will for sure change the way you look at life. I'm not your regular girl; my creativity starts from pooping early morning and ends at masturbating late at night. My idea of sex is female, and my idea of wine includes me bashing the lifestyle I have. I touch the topics people don't want to touch, talk about issues which we don't want to talk about and tell about part of life which we keep to ourselves.

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