Type Of Girls You Meet On Tinder :-

We all are familiar with Hook Up site Tinder. Lot of us are ashamed of admitting that we are on Tinder and many of us don’t even know the actual use of it. Anywho , lot of my guy friends have come across some really cool profiles and some really creepy ones. Here is small list of types of girls you will meet on Tinder !

PS: Attaching Screenshot of my Tinder profile. Swipe me right whenever you see !


  1. The Fake Ones: They are just guys trying to score on Girls who are looking for same sex friends . Next time you see any Sita , Geeta , Rita with Alia Bhatt photo saying ‘Sweet grl in cute wrld’ think twice. Maybe this sweet girl has this thing – thing called Penis.


  1. The Straight Forwards: There are girls who actually know purpose of Tinder. They start with basic conversation and ask you out on Dinner at your place and in most cases – they share breakfast with you very next morning. They are very particular with their choices so don’t feel low if they don’t swipe you right.


  1. The Relationship Lookers: There are girls who are actually looking for commitment and relationship stuff on Tinder and they mention it in their bios ‘Not here for Hook Ups looking for deeper commitment’ I salute their guts.


  1. The Friendzoners: They will swipe you right , they will exchange few messages and moment you will ask them out or ask their number they will Unmatch you. I call it ‘Kata Zone’


  1. The GoldDiggers – These girls purposely swipe right guys who pose with their cars or show off their penthouse or have clicked pictures at international destinations. They won’t care how Chomu or dumb you are because you are standing next Mercedes and who says no to that. Once they are done with sucking money out of you or once they get another catch – they move on.


  1. The Pseudo Intelligent ones : These girls have really interesting Bio , Hot photographs , they do deep down conversations but when you meet them face to face – Bam! They are completely different and once you get really close they start smothering you all the time with weird conversation and it is hard to say no.


  1. The Touch Me Nots: These girls Swipe you right , talk to you , exchange numbers and the day you flirt a little – they block you. Yeah ! They block.


  1. The Bubbly Ones : They Swipe right , they talk , they flirt , they meet and one day you realize they do this with everyone and they only make good friends – you can date her , you can look at her from distance but you will never get in her pants. And somewhere inside – you are cool with it.


  1. The Irritating Ones: Your biggest mistake is swiping them right and exchanging number because next thing you know is – they filled your Whatsapp with stupid forwards.1465339_710778935718157_212109178209665605_n
  2. The Blank Ones – No DP , No description only reason you swipe right is – because – Look at India’s Sex Ratio Man!bethany_blank_profile_female

Author: IUditaPal

Erotica Blogger, Unsuccessful author, Self-proclaimed internet celebrity & That fat woman who thinks that she looks beautiful. Could have made a lot of money if I had sex with old men for monetary benefits but I choose to have self-esteem instead and use old school, a slow and hardworking way of building my empire. I'm one of a kind person and I will for sure change the way you look at life. I'm not your regular girl; my creativity starts from pooping early morning and ends at masturbating late at night. My idea of sex is female, and my idea of wine includes me bashing the lifestyle I have. I touch the topics people don't want to touch, talk about issues which we don't want to talk about and tell about part of life which we keep to ourselves.

7 thoughts on “Type Of Girls You Meet On Tinder :-”

  1. And where are the girls who are on Tinder just because of boredom. What sense does that make? I mean, you check out guys when you’re bored?

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