CUJ Begs for VC


We all say there are perks of studying in Government College. Less fees, great professors, Opportunities etc but people should know that every government college is not IIT or IIM or DU. and we would like to give you inside story of Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi.

Last night around 10 PM we received a call that 2 people had food poisoning at boys hostel, number changed to 8 and by next call it was 12. It was an alarming situation and our beloved Vice Chancellor was sleeping. A dozen boys went to meet VC personally to show him quality of food; his wife said he was sleeping. Despite of telling them gravity of situation she did nothing. In fact, she ate and said food is normal and asked us to behave like mature kids and stop throwing tantrums.

Inside Story: Warden themselves agreed that the food quality was bad still no step was taken.

Once situation started slipping from hands the ill student asked for ambulance, his demand wasn’t entertained. Guy was not even in condition of sitting or travelling on a bike. Later, faculties with four wheelers were approached.

There were many more kids who were vomiting and lying sick on the floor due to food quality.

We belong to a country where police comes before ambulance and this was what happened.

Administration thought they needed security so they called police, what about that one kid who was begging for Ambulance?

It is 5th or 6th strike we are having in last 6 years of establishment of this university for one single thing – PROPER ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEM.

We don’t have a Vice Chancellor and acting ones are saying “we can’t do anything, we are not permanent“We are sick and tired of this place. Corruption is being done by administration and we are sufferers despite of paying all fees and taxes on time. Why? We deserve an answer.

Accommodation issues , Quality of classrooms; we already mentioned food quality, Water supply issues, no contract renewal of professors above all temporary campus in middle of nowhere.

We, the students of Central University of Jharkhand are begging every reader of this message to make our condition viral enough so that people know about our suffering.

In case you think we have done nothing let me get one thing straight we have already approached HRD and we got same reply which we were getting from past few strikes i.e. “we are working , give us some time”

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