11 Reasons To Date Outgoing Introvert :-

  1. You don’t always talk much. You make sure your points are valid to a level that one can never have a comeback. Your confidence can kill their over confidence himym-gif-youve-been-lawyered
  2. You are brutally honest about life. You don’t know how to comfort someone with lies or add creamy layer. BAM! You are practicallarge
  3. It takes people time to be a good friend of yours. Because your life isn’t an open book. You take time to adjust with people. Love keeping secrets to yourselftumblr_m19ptdG72I1r6f6deo2_r1_500
  4. Being Sociopath and having understanding girlfriend makes you cherish every possible small gesture they present to you.tumblr_mh1ljbWKMr1ruteqro1_500
  5. You don’t always fall in love. But when you do, you make sure that nothing is hidden. Honesty, Sarcasm, Gifts, Sex, Cuddle and privacy everything you ever wanted is on the plate.thats-love-marshall-lily-gif-on-how-i-met-your-mother
  6. You get really annoyed when you politely try to reject someone’s’ company but they keep coming back to talk or have conversation with youtumblr_mupkczGdi41qbn5oto1_500
  7. You take time, you over think , you behave heartless but when you commit something. You stick to it. You analyze consequences of it and value of its absencetumblr_lyyifrrnPn1r5mnvxo2_250
  8. Am I taken? Yes! But at home. Priorities changes with place. You can never let your personal and professional life blend in.tumblr_mlbp8cPmIm1rkey39o1_250
  9. For you , love life is super important. If you are seeing someone you make sure it is not casual. It will have that sensuality, commitment and aroma a relationship requires for staying strong.tumblr_mqzvn0TlUa1sp9fcho1_500
  10. You getting high is something which people will surely enjoy. Because they will see a side of yours not known to others and will totally enjoy the part where you let yourself off the leash !tumblr_n2ja9uTnhc1qeenygo1_500
  11. You guys never look for casual dating stuff. You find it sheer waste of time and energy. Why look for someone new every other day when someone is there next to you forever.tumblr_m5yjm7Ye0n1rsd9coo1_500

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