The Airport Love


He asked me to meet him for the last time before he board his flight. Despite of the fact heat was killing everyone outside I dragged myself from bed and wore a floral frock matching my wedges and booked a cab. That moment I actually realize that 10 weeks are huge for any relationship. I slowly got out of cab and asked driver to wait for an hour or so at Parking Lot.

I looked around and he was standing at walk able distance, I smiled and walked to him. He gave me flowers moment I was a feet away from him

‘Whoa! Look who is getting all romantic’ I said and started smelling flowers.

‘Oh, by the way I made something for you. Hehe… This best of journey card. Archies cards are better but Boo come on! Sheer waste of money when you have girlfr.. .’ Before I could go further he kissed me.

I almost blushed and moved away.

‘How are we going to manage 10 weeks?’He shyly looked at ground and asked me. I sat on his trolley bag and started explaining ‘Well… We have Whatsapp. Skype and Facebook. Plus, we will get those ISD Packs so need not worry I planned everything out and will forward you the mail’ I giggled.

My legs were hurting now I took wedges off and sat on trolley again ‘You bought everything I mentioned on the list? If you are not having sunscreen I have one spare piece in my bag, Acha Booo what will be temperature there.. Buy some clothes and yes! Boo! COOKIES!’

For next 10 minutes I kept on blabbering something or other and then he took out small box out of his coat’s pocket and went on knees. Everyone was looking at us and I was almost blushing when he asked ‘Can you hold this watch for me, I have to tie shoelaces’

Security guards were trying to suppress their smiles. I slide box in my bag and wore wedges again.

‘Chal Bye! Driver is waiting for me’

I said and half hugged him. As I want walking away I opened that box. It was having a heart with his and mine initials on it.

I stopped and turned around. It was probably run of my life. Reminded me of all those movies in which protagonists run for their loved one. I stopped him and slapped hard. THASH!

A sound everyone heard.

‘What do you think it is?’ I asked, furious, red and angry.

‘You were asking about pendant all the time, okay have it now’ he coldly said.

I almost started crying when he kissed my nose and turned me around to make me wear it.

‘Quick question’ he asked.

‘Where will you be 10 weeks from now?’

I smiled and answered. Exactly here! Waiting for you. With board saying your name.

We looked into each other’s eyes and kissed deep.  

There is something about Cross Country Airport Love !

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