Well… Long Distance Relationships are never easy !

  • When you you really need them but they are too busy with their life boys-film-himym-how-i-met-your-mother-Favim.com-1624638
  • When people ask you to go out on a couple of dates with someone else200_s
  • When all your friends are out on couple dates and you are like ..tumblr_mmiarrb9bm1qf9mevo1_
  • When your realize you can’t take it anymoretumblr_n3dmd25x4L1r95w7yo6_250
  • When you are behaving all calm but things are killing you inside tumblr_m6aa6dpWyx1rxq7g1o1_500
  • When he says it will take him little longer to come back tumblr_inline_n41a07GCud1s8kqym
  • When you are trying to avoid talking about your current feels
  • tumblr_mmiarrb9bm1qf9mevo1_500
  • When you are in 18+ Mood and expects him on Skype e571M2O
  • When he talks about The new girl he met tumblr_mfiq31YsCa1ryu6djo2_500
  • When you hear a girl’s voice in Background 3GtIsxT
  • When it is Monthly or Yearly Anniversary and they are not there tumblr_inline_mqusspHsgx1r3wyjl

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