When situation with IITian boyfriends.

  1. When someone tries to flirt with your girlfriend. anigif_enhanced-buzz-7968-1380308793-4_preview
  2. When girlfriend asks “Have you taken weed?” walter-white-explosion
  3. When fest is around and your friends are trying to introduce you to hot friends but you are already taken. breaking-bad-gif-gus-fring-210514
  4. When you finally get the girl wanted all your life giphy
  5. When society meetings clash with girlfriend Skype call anigif_enhanced-buzz-7249-1380308295-4_preview
  6. When you are trying to convince your roommate to go on  double date with you. anigif_enhanced-buzz-32305-1380308266-19_preview
  7. When your current girlfriend asks about your past. images
  8. When you are flirting with someone and your roommates gives you stare images (1)
  9. When someone asks what it was like holding her hand throughout the fest images (2)
  10. When your girlfriend wants to leave but you don’t want her toimages (3)

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