Live In Relationship

3:15 AM , Bangalore

I silently entered my flat, trying to make sure I don’t want Udita up.

“Mr Shah you are late” Udita said in loud and clear voice.

I took a long sigh and gave her busted look.

“In my defence I was not clubbing I was in office , WORKING” I said and kept laptop bag on table.

“We are in live in not dating , you don’t owe me explanation” she said and tossed towel at my face.

“Have a bath , dinner is ready” she said and left.

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I made my way inside washroom and turned shower on. I still remember that Udita I met at one of B Plan competition. How she was sophomore and I was in final year. How that innocent girl with her start up came to this city. It has been 3 years since we have been in live in relationship but no matter what she says , we are dating.  She never eats food until I come back. Never trusts cab after I’m drunk and come herself to pick me up. Though we have mess supply , she cooks at home mostly and the way I want. She keeps check on my meetings and my family function dates , travels with me to places where I can’t go alone and sometimes buy my inners because I don’t have time. She has password to all my social sites and ATM details etc. And then she says we are not dating. Did I mention crazy make out sessions we do ? Ah ! She is like goddess.

I stepped out and made my way to table. We both ate silently and went to our separate bedrooms. I was not able to take it anymore. I went inside her room.

“Can we sleep together?” I asked her shyly.

“I’m on periods” she almost started laughing

“Not for sex” I gave her angry look and sat down next to her on bed.

I started working on laptop and Udita suddenly took it from my hand and placed her lap there instead. I kept admiring her bong eyes. She silently took my hand inside her top and placed on stomach.

“You know someday I will have a life in there” she said and tear dropped from her and she continued “And imagine how happy my husband would be when I will tell him that his baby is inside my womb and in next 9 months are going to be tough for him. Ice creams , Pizzas , medicines , early morning walks, pregnancy clubs and what not. And then after a long struggle s/he will finally come out and and and..” Udita almost ran out of words and I took the lead “And he will call me dad”

There was small silence between us and then she said “Will you just be kid’s father or my husband too ?”

4 thoughts on “Live In Relationship

  1. U choose d best ending for yourself… but have u noticed something…
    U r always at d receiving end.. a twist in need is a twist indeed…. :))
    Loved it….

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