Thirst For Salsa ; IIT Kharagpur

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Hey , Want to join me for Salsa ?

Sent: 12:53 PM

I texted Karan and dozed myself to sleep. After an hour or so I woke up and saw his reply

Be ready by 3 PM will be standing outside SN Hostel

Received: 14:37 PM

I got up and wore the best dress I could have and applied darkest shade of red to give him subtle hints about darker fantasies I possess.  We walked to Vikramshila together and finally made our way to workshop. We finally got ourselves a place and started practising there. We smiled and kept on trying moves. I touched his arms. Stiffed , I liked it like that.

We practised for a while and then I looked at him and whispered in his ears “I’m thirsty , I need something” I said and locked my eyes with his. He adjusted his specs and guided me toward Filter. I looked at him with disappointed looks. He was not able to get my hints.

I ran my eyes over him again. Simple , geeky and innocent – The way I like and the way I wanted.

I rolled my eyes and said “There is no way I’m drinking from that filter”

He smiled and said “Okay we have a canteen over there I will get you a bottle wait right here”

I passed him seductive grin and held his hand. “There are different types of thirsts one Possess”

We started walking around the building when I finally found an empty class

“Hey! What’s there?” I said and took him inside the room.

He kept on explaining me history of that room and his memories related to it. I sat on one of the benches. His constant blabbering was pissing me off now.

I got up in anger and pushed him on one of the seats and forced my body upon him

“You are too dumb to handle hints”

I said and smooched him deep. Locking his lips with mine was seriously sexy. Geeky , helpless guy running out of breath because of his first kiss. His eyes were wild open too shocked to recover from what was happening to him but slowly he started making his moved.

Maybe watching porn was not a bad idea in the first place.

His hands were making way inside my skirt groping ass tightly. I moaned in his ears and bit his ear. We continued the whole thing until we realized that door wasn’t locked. I got up to lock the door and moment I looked back he pushed me against and ran his hands on my back – opening the laces and in seconds he was able to see my breasts. He smiled and hugged me tight rubbing my chest against his – hurting me.

I let a small moan out and pushed him away. He came back and pinched them. I almost let out a scream – too loud one and got attention of one of SF Co-ordinators. He banged on door and asked to open.

“Hey! I’m a girl trying to adjust my clothes. Give me some time.” I screamed in anger and started getting in my dress. I bent down to catch hold of my bra meanwhile he lifted my skirt up and slapped me hard.

“Ouch” I moaned.

He slapped again and kept doing that.

“Now I love that red ass” he said and moved away to pick a friend’s call.

I adjusted my dress and made a way out with him.

“Where were you guys ?” Vishesh asked me as I reached him.

Before I could reply Karan came running and gave me bottle.

He stood up and answered instead of me

“Oh she just wanted to pee was showing her around”

We all exchanged few gossips and started making our way back.

Moment I reached my hostel they all bid goodbye.

“Excuse me” someone said from behind.

“You left your earring while adjusting your dress” he said and passed me small packet which had my earring.

Easy to guess – he was same coordinator. I smiled and took it from him.

“And by the way- stop doing such adjustments with seniors of here” he said and left.

Suddenly my phone buzzed

I know what sort of Salsa you guys have done. Can see hickey on his neck and grin on his face.

It was Vishesh who texted me that. I smiled and went inside.

Moment I ran my hand on packet having my earring. It had a small note – CCD Today at 10 PM for MORE ADJUSTMENTS.


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