The V-Day in Paris


“I never knew dating could be this frustrating” I sipped my coffee and rolled my sleeves up. Despite of the fact it was cold February afternoon, Argument heated things between us and in body too.
He adjusted his spectacles and took long breath , “For the last time. I’m new to all these things. So .. if you want something or want me to do something tell on face rather than giving me riddles to solve. I am not no Sherlock Holmes. I’m just clueless guy who don’t know why out of all the guys you could have , you choose me”
Little curved formed on my face and my cheeks turned red. I cleared my throat and continued “Well I came by to drop a Hi. I’m done now I’m leaving”
“You did an overnight 7 hours Journey just for dropping Hi?” He asked in astonished tone.
“Does it really matter?” I said and As I started leaving he bends down and took out a red coloured bag. I sat down and opened it quickly and was little disappointed. It was a book saying ‘1000 things to do in Paris’
I looked at him and hugged him “Sweety , Thanks for the gift”
Little disappointed I was I grabbed my bag and made my way outside. He stood here and I moved swiftly out of cafe. I was little upset but I was not in mood of arguing with him. He’s never been a relationship guy. No he wasn’t stud and all. He was geek, shy and little slow. Just the guy I asked for all my life.
Often I use to wonder why he is with girl like me. Loud , outspoken , always semi drunk and living in world of her own. I almost tripped on stone while walk and book fell from my hand. A letter fell down. I brushed my knees and sat on one of the benches of park

large (3)
I know I’m probably most disappointed company you have been around in a while and dating me really frustrates you. I really don’t know how to express what I feel about you. I love you , ALOT. I know the right words to use but I don’t know when to use them. I just want to see you smiling (You have no idea how pretty your smile is)
Honey I’m glad to have you in my life. I’m little emotionally challenged person and you are completely outstanding chick. Dating you is no less than watching a Rohit Shetty movie – Illogical but ultimately a hit.
So forgive me , I’m sorry and check page number 143.

I wiped my tears and opened that page
An envelope was there on which it was written 2 Tickets to Paris. I was shocked I opened envelope to verify. My hands were shaking I went back to cafe and he was still standing there. He was shocked to see me crying. He opened his mouth to saying “Baby why are you..” He got muffled in the middle as I screamed and said “You sleazy bastard don’t say a word” and smooched him deep.
He pushed me away and whispered “PEOPLE ARE WATCHING US… DISTANCE”
“Fuck this shit ” I screamed , grabbed him by his collar and continued kissing him
“I love you ” I said almost crying “And never change yourself please. I like you like this. I’m so sorry for sounding like an annoying bitch” I hugged him.
He hugged me tighter and whispered in my ears “Is that your Snot and lipstick on my shirt”
I laughed and pushed him away , he brought me closer and kissed my nose
“Happy Valentine’s Day”
“No , for us. Every day is Valentine’s Day”
“You are Anurah Basu of my life “ I said and hugged him
“And you are Anurag Kashyap” he said and we walked out of Cafe

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