Behind Those Nerdy Glasses ; IIT Kharagpur

7:45 PM ; Park Bar – Near IIT Kharagpur

“Four neat drinks are not joke” Vishesh said while going through the Menu.

“Just order it.. Infact Harman , you go through menu and order some random drink , I can take it all” I said and threw menu on Harman’s face.

He smiled and order 3 drinks for us. I smiled and within 6 gulps two drinks were down. I felt little dizzy and just to check my drunk level I tried walking my way back and forth in bar. I was shaking while walking – the situation was pretty fucked up.


We had some conversation and then we left for campus to join Indian Ocean concert. In no time I was so High that I was smiling and waving at every guy I saw. And no matter what people say I was just screaming “I’m not high ; I’m just pretending”

Harman waved at his friend “Hi Praveen” ; The person grabbed my attention. I went after him and asked him to join me. Guy was scared as shit.


9:00 PM ; Academic Buildings – IIT Kharagpur

“I’m in mood , I need a guy.. I’m in mood…” I was screaming this on road.

Vishesh was worried now. I was getting worse. He made me sit on Rickshaw and asked to go on long ride. I kept on talking stupid shit until and unless Rickshaw dada screamed at me and asked me to let him drive.

10:15 PM ; PAN Loop – IIT Kharagpur

“I need to.. PEE” I screamed and started tapping my legs on road. Vishesh was scared now. “Susu karna hai” I screamed out loud. Small smile skipped his face and finally he somehow managed to make me get a washroom for girls nearby.

11:22 PM ; Gymkhana – IIT Kharagpur

I and Vishesh sat around the corner and kept on talking until one of the random guy showed up and asked “Is she your girlfriend ?” Vishesh smiled and said “No”

“Mind if I take her for a while?” He asked and made his first move by grabbing hand.


Vishesh was little scared with the whole idea and I was excited.

“Are you IITian ?” I asked in sleepy voice

He almost laughed and said  “yes.. CSE one”

My eyes started Sparkling.

I and Vishesh exchanged understanding nod and he let me go with him. We walked and talked for a long way.

12:30 AM Lake Behind Tech Market – IIT Kharagpur

“I can’t walk anymore” I said and walked toward the staircase of the Lake shore. He simply followed me way down. We sat there for hours and exchanged so many thoughts. Suddenly We started playing Thumb Fight. “Winner gets whatever he/she demands” I said and bit my lips.

We had three rounds and ultimately I lost. He looked at me and gave those cute eyes look. There was something really sweet about him. His eyes were cute and big and hands always warm. And lips always seeking attention. I bend toward him and gave him two pecks on cheeks.

He laughed out and said “This was not what I expected. By the way you won one match too.. so let me give you your part”

He came toward me and first kissed my lips slowly while using his tongue for hinting me to open my mouth.My hands started resting on above staircase and my legs were over his legs. He continued kissing for a while and then we broke.

Some people were singing Arijit Singh’s  song. “See.. even situation want us to” We laughed and started kissing again.  Whole thing continued for a while then we went normal again. We started talking life and I started kissing his neck and licking below his neck.

He got up and grabbed my hand. We walked for a while and then we went behind the shop. He pinned me against wall and started opening my coat and then my hands went toward his jacket.  His hands  went between my thighs to check and whispered in my ears “You are so wet.. and it is turning me on. Don’t scream out” I nodded and hugged him tight when his fingers made his way inside. It did hurt a lot but I controlled myself and let little scream out. He opened his zip and pushed my head down “I don’t have to teach you why you have to do there” I smiled and blowed him.

With no place to make out he made me sit over him on a cement bench and we continued whole fucking session until I came all over his legs.

We got up and got dressed. I was not able to walk properly and he was in hurry. I managed to call Vishesh up and asked him to take me back to my room. The way I was walking. It was easy for him to guess what I actually did there. But he thought remaining silent was better idea.

Maybe the education hub can be hub of sexual encounters.

There is a wild side of every guy with Nerdy glass.

I can’t wait to see him again.

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  1. Girl yu r amazin .. I really like your posts 🙂 mind posting like more fast ? I mean i would love to read your posts more often .. Keep up the great work #anadmirer#expectin a reply

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