Unfaithful Lovers.


Of all the memories I’ve of me and him that night was the one I’ve always regretted ,  A night which I will never forget. Because that’s from where my journey for satisfaction actually started. After spending my whole day in lab giving back to back practical I was finally done with them. But I was so tired that I was not even able to stand properly. I reclined myself to the Corner Couch of Cafeteria and started going through random photographs on Facebook.

“Are you going through our photographs?” Asked an extremely sexy voice said as I looked up. My super senior was standing. I was having hots for him from the moment I met him and sparks did fly in our case.

“Naahhh.. Just some random photography page” I replied.

He tossed a smile and sat next to me. He was the Operational Head of a Committee I was interested in joining as Core Member. And since team was getting reformed I was very much interested in joining it.

“How is Core Member search going?” I asked in very uninterested manner. As if I was having conversation just to keep the heat on. “Is there any way I can turn into one of the Core Members?” I continued.

He bit his lips in a very seductive way and looked at me in weird way and blurted “Well.. There isn’t any more but you see.. We are on couch and little bit casting can be done here”

I grinned and looked at him in a very kinky way and touched his thigh and kept scratching it “Maybe we can work it out” I winked.

Before I could go further our friends joined us. As he saw the crowd coming he sat next to me. He whispered in my ear “Either continue the game or come out with me now” It was a very dominant whisper if you ask me.

I smiled and continued scratching his thighs. There came a phase where he was not able to take it anymore. He grabbed his laptop bag and got up “Excuse me but I believe I and Aarti have some work so we will join you guys in 15 minutes” Moment he said this I got up and started following him. We kept on walking and I kept on chatting. He was barely interested in my conversation, his eyes were searching something. Even in the dim light I was able to see that wicked smile on his face. My heart started beating faster as he grabbed my arm and pinned me against a wall in the dark corner of college.

“What were you saying huh? We can work it out?” he said looking right into my eyes and moment he saw my discomfort he moved away.  I smiled and said “How am I supposed to kiss you? Why are you so tall” We both laughed and suddenly he kissed me.  This kiss was different; it was rough one with lot of tongue war and hormonal charges. He bit my lip in aggression.

Finally he loosens the grip of my hand and his hands went inside my hoodie. He tried to pull my bra down but amount of excitement he was having he end up scratching one of my nipples. I almost screamed. We knew that the situation was pretty ugly now. We adjusted our clothes and made our way back to friends.  He directly went to cafeteria where as I took some time in washroom to check how badly I was hurt.

We sat together again. After small chit chat with his friends his hands went inside my hoodie and pinched my waist. “Sorry for being this rude lil girl” he said.

I smiled and replied “I sort of enjoyed it”

Once we were done with it, he walked me back to my room.

We were okay with sharing physical intimacy with each other.

We were in relationship but not with each other.

We were the unfaithful lovers.

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