HP India| #BendTheRules


When we first came up with the idea of an E Cell in our college , People reacted like
• Trying to be our competition
• What is an E cell ?
• Who will waste their time ?
• There is no future of Entrepreneurship in India !
• Keep trying , You’ll fail anyway
• Don’t expect support from us.
We were just two people fighting a battle of convincing people to turn from individual people into a team. What really pinched people inside was 1) A first year student taking up this initiative as a LEADER 2) Girls from non technical background trying to make difference.
Eventually we were quite depressed but after small struggle we made a core team. Our journey from 2 people to 15 people is very fascinating and inspiring. With over 50+ trying to be part of same and over 100-200+ people showing up at our every event we feel glad now.
Our journey from “No one” to “E Cell wali Bandiyan” is different because we tried to change the society , tried to bend the rules. From sitting in front of VS’s office for hours to spending more than 12 hours in college campus for survey , we did it all. We became everything of our E Cell from Operational Head to Labourer , Name it we were that.
There were days when we didn’t even picked our parents call , worked for hours in one stretch , Skipped all meals , Spend hours mailing and convincing people even got scolded by Landlord for coming late. Not everyone has easy lifestyle. Especially if you are barely 18 year old set of girls trying to make difference.
Our trip doesn’t end here. Lately we have been spending hours in researching and making B Plan to start our very own E Commerce venture. *Fingers crossed*
We tried to Bend the rules !

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