Dear Men

Dear Men , Thank you !
Thanks for pinching my butts when I was roaming here and there on streets because I almost forgot someone regularly do this with your sister.
Thanks for publically squeezing my breasts because I guess you never got a chance to drink through it when you were small.
Thanks for screaming “Randi” loudly. I’m glad to know your mom’s profession.
Thanks for snatching my Duppatta , Your sister at home must be in need of it because someone stole that of hers’
Thanks for asking “Chudaai Chahiye” in local market , Now I know you were an unwanted child.
Thanks for looking at our Bras and Panties ; we wear them to get your attention. Thanks for noticing.

Thanks for making me feeling like an Object.
With Love ,

Author: IUditaPal

Erotica Blogger, Unsuccessful author, Self-proclaimed internet celebrity & That fat woman who thinks that she looks beautiful. Could have made a lot of money if I had sex with old men for monetary benefits but I choose to have self-esteem instead and use old school, a slow and hardworking way of building my empire. I'm one of a kind person and I will for sure change the way you look at life. I'm not your regular girl; my creativity starts from pooping early morning and ends at masturbating late at night. My idea of sex is female, and my idea of wine includes me bashing the lifestyle I have. I touch the topics people don't want to touch, talk about issues which we don't want to talk about and tell about part of life which we keep to ourselves.

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