Date a girl ! :3


Date a girl who smokes, Girl who drinks. Because it doesn’t make her characterless, it shows she is ready to take risk and take consequences.
Date a girl who is not figure conscious. Girl who looks sexy even in that full sleeved blouse, body hiding Saree because of the confidence she wears.
Date a girl who carries a mini world inside her. That doesn’t make her brat; it shows how much she struggles for attention of yours every day!
Date a girl who keeps irritating you with her selfies, not because she is self-obsessed. Because she wants you to know how she looks all day long.
Date a girl who talks sex openly, It doesn’t means she is slut or desperate. It shows that she’s bold enough to but per points.
Date a girl who splits bill. It doesn’t mean she is feminist, it shows that she wants mutuality in relationship.
Date a girl whose playlist starts from Hardwell and ends at Honey Singh. This doesn’t mean she has mood swing problems, it means she is like Rainbow, filled with diversification.

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