Types Of Guys Girls Have Crush On :-



  • The Oldie Crush : This type of crush usually girls have during young age. The charm and maturance of 5-10 years older guy gives them feeling of security which with time develops into serious love issues and one day the bubble bursts when you realize they are getting married and you just got introduced to periods.


  • The best friend’s boyfriend : Let’s just admit it. Every girl has that one best friend whose boyfriend takes all kind of romantic butt hurts for making relationship work and you sit in one corner melting out of fire burning there and rush down there in your pants


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  • The School Hottie Crush : Every school/college has that one guy who stands out like knight in the armour and helps everyone out and friendzones every girl because he can’t let anyone destroy his dreams

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  • The senior crush: We all secretly fantasize that one senior whom we never talked to and don’t have balls to talk to. But every night we make out with them. At least in our dreams.



  • The Celeb Crush : Crushes on Celebrity ! As simple as that

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  • The Ex boyfriend crush : Despite of break up just admit it you still love him and you want him and your ego won’t let you do that.



  • The random stranger crush: These crushes usually exist for 10 seconds and once they leave you are done. You concentrate on someone else.

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  • The Social Networking Crush : There will be that one person you always stalk and download his pictures and show your friends how hot he is and never even ping him single Hi.

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Author: IUditaPal

Erotica Blogger, Unsuccessful author, Self-proclaimed internet celebrity & That fat woman who thinks that she looks beautiful. Could have made a lot of money if I had sex with old men for monetary benefits but I choose to have self-esteem instead and use old school, a slow and hardworking way of building my empire. I'm one of a kind person and I will for sure change the way you look at life. I'm not your regular girl; my creativity starts from pooping early morning and ends at masturbating late at night. My idea of sex is female, and my idea of wine includes me bashing the lifestyle I have. I touch the topics people don't want to touch, talk about issues which we don't want to talk about and tell about part of life which we keep to ourselves.

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