21 things you’ve done or do in a relationship

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  • We secretly spy on our partners.
  • And if we find them flirting. We stay silent angry.
  • Once we’re done talking with them we reread their texts
  • We hate everyone who loves them(opposite sex)
  • We hate everyone who hates them(both sex included)
  • We really want them to notice even the smallest change we did
  • Sometimes we purposely flirt with others to get their attention
  • We get our raunchy choochie coo pics get clicked with someone else just to watch them getting jealous  
  • We can’t actually say no to half of things our partner says
  • Be it guy or a girl. Admit it. You remember lot of romantic things you just did together.
  • Even if half of the world doesn’t know you are committed. You have that one friend who knows everything
  • You feel betrayed when they don’t text back
  • Half of the songs you listen reminds you of them
  • And if you are in long distance relationship your phone bills don’t give you heart attack. Their number busy at 1am at night do.
  • You add ‘Just kidding’ to half of the things you actually meant cuz you don’t want to hurt them
  • You have mood swings which makes you think they deserve someone better
  • You totally love it when they try to make up to you after HUGE FIGHT !
  • You’ve that one person whom you still love and will never confess about it to your partner
  • Sometimes they are not able to get your silence
  • Sometimes they give you feel that you should’ve dated someone else


I missed a point or two ? 

Comment below ! 

Ps : Till then keep loving your partner. Keep it overrated, Keep it Bollywood. 


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