Perks of Dating IITian Banda


Merits :-

  1. They are extremely serious and dedicated when it comes to relationship
  2. You can never get bored of their IITian stories
  3. Their international internship journey from their point of view are very fascinating
  4. Their fests are one of the coolest things
  5. They are like totally intelligent species around you
  6. They handle relationships cutely (Romance is not in their dictionary )
  7. You become complete addict to Quora , Some international bands you never heard of and meme pages
  8. You don’t even realize when your focus changes from Nail paints to Temple Run
  9. You get that proud feeling while introducing him to your friends
  10. They have patience
  11. They criticize when it is needed
  12. They always motivate you
  13. Since they gave career more importance than anything , they want you to do same too
  14. They find you prettiest since you came first
  15. If you are sapiosexual they are like Sone Pe Suhaga
  16. Very possessive and highly insecure
  17. His cute lingos and liners like  ‘Jalti hai yaar. Mat hot pics dala kar.’
  18. You may end up having smartkids (at least more than you)
  19. You can’t help yourself from thinking of having future
  20. He will be a travelling freak. So new places , new locations , same old love
  21. He considers me his princess
  22. And this guy always make me wonder how come he is single (We are in long distance relationship)
  23. You can introduce them to family any time


Demerits :-

  • Relationships can never be first priority for them
  • Their family will always hold more value
  • At times they are extremely busy
  • You end up taking their silence as ignorance




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