Holiday – Review By Udita


Holiday :- 3.5/5

Cast :-

  • Akshay Kumar as Virat Bakshi, Captain in D.I.A., a wing of Indian Army
  • Sonakshi Sinha as Saiba.
  • Sumeet Raghavan as Mukund, Virat’s friend also an Sub Inspector, Mumbai Police.
  • Freddy Daruwala as the leader of the sleeper cells.
  • Govinda as Pratap, Virat Bakshi’s Senior Commanding Officer.
  • Zakir Hussain as Alvin D’souza.
  • Gireesh Sahedev as corrupt police officer.

Director :-  A.R. Murugadoss

Quotes :-


  1. Tum har roz apne pariwaar ki saath chain se jiyo , uske liye humlog har roz border pe marte hain
  2. Hazaro Ko mitana ka irada rakhne wale jab wo terrorists apni jaan de sakte hain toh hum raksha karne wale nahi



Not exactly the finest movie but movie which has (and still is) touching million hearts. Story starts with Captain Virat coming back from Jammu to Mumbai and his parents from then and there taking him to meet Sonakshi regarding ‘Marriage’. He finds Saiba little old fashioned and shy for his taste and rejects her. Later while accompanying his friend Mukund (Sumeet Raghavan), a sub inspector in sports seminar he comes to know about actual side of Sahiba and falls in love instantly.

Small love story starts cooking from there but as the title suggests “Solider is never off duty” Virat comes to know about group of terrorists planting 12 different bombs in Mumbai using sleeper cells. He catches one of them and uses him and his knowledge to get into details of their plan. His struggle of diffusing the bomb and finding their leader is the main cut short plot of Holiday.

Unlike Ishaqzaade or Bullet Raja, you won’t hear constant gun shots, and senseless dialogs. A relationship between normal public and an army officer has been highlighted in the movie. Also, if you are expecting a pure commercial masala then holiday is not for you. I think there are two types of movies 1) Which rules box offices 2) Which rules heart.

This 60 crore budget crossed 70 crore in the first week. This is actually outstanding start.


YAY :-

There was a sequence in which they diffuse 12 different bombs by spitting into different part was really beautiful and somewhere down the line, my only favorite scene.


End was confusing and senseless. If protagonist came to know about leader why was justice not shown , also sub leader’s death was very blunt.



Over all an amazing story with an amazing message with disappointing end.


PS:- Bollywood should seriously get over using songs unnecessarily  (talking about blame the night song) and of course Arijit Singh with his song  (Ajj Dil Shayrana) proved he is X Factor of movies , a times.

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