Kitty Party


We all were sitting in my place for Kitty Party. Every friend of mine was showing off her husband’s looks , bank balance , their trips etc. I kept on smiling and sipping coffee and once everyone was done they asked me “Why don’t you tell us something about your husband?”

I smiled awkwardly and stopped sipping my coffee

“Uhmm. Guys unlike your spouses he is not that good looking but then again he is tall, dark and geeky. It really turns me on. He is pathetically romantic before taking me out on surprise dates he call me up and asks if I want to go out on dinner today or not. He looks like dork, one you see in TV Serials. But then again bad looks can be changed from surgery not bad personality.

 Regarding trips … he never actually has much time. But I remember being very furious regarding him not taking us on honeymoon and he smiled and told me every place is honeymoon destination if guy and girl know how to make it look like one. Despite of living in Mumbai for 7 years that night out with him means world to me. It was different, Enchanting actually.

I remember last month I was frowning over not having car and saw him making his way to Audi showroom during his lunch break. And I gifted him Royal Enfield as gift after asking dad for a loan. He still thinks he won that Soft Drink challenge. We are taking things slow. We are learning new things. Trying to adjust and pay loans. We work extra time. There are days when we are not able to see each other at all but he manages to send one small message on WhatsApp with his crazy picture and some witty quote. We can’t afford one of those fancy candle light restaurant. So I come early , clean home and decorate it.

My guy started his life on his own. He worked hard and he still is and the way we are going. Trust me, Things will be okay soon. In fact your husbands invited him for a Bangkok trip which he rejected. Money can buy you happiness for a while but not forever. And who seek happiness in other’s company don’t need money. I fell in love with him moment we talked for the first time and the way we are going. I’m expecting a prosperous future”

As I was done all the ladies were staring at me in disbelief. And suddenly he entered with charming smile as usual and gave me set of white lilies “Every day without you in office sucks”

 Ladies gathered themselves and started leaving house and I gestured them Goodbye

Then suddenly one of the lady grabbed my hand and said “You are too lucky.”

I smiled and waved her bye.

He made his way inside kitchen and screamed from there “Honey.. I’m going to cook tonight”

I smiled because I knew “He was the one”

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