That night on beach.


We’ve lot of memories together but I really cherish that beach one. Remember how angry I was with you because you were busy with your work most of the time. And then you brought two tickets to Andaman. It is one of the finest memories I possess. We went to Havelock Islands and then that long walk on the beach. It was a windy night and somehow we managed to walk to the lonely corner of beach and sat of one of those stones. Winds were destroying my hair and covering my face and not letting me check you out. You swept your hands across my face and kept on looking into my eyes. There was this awkward silence between us. Your face under moonlight was so soothing. After exchanging raw glance for a while you moved your hands into your back pocket and took out cigarette to smoke. You knew how much I hate people smoking I simply started walking. “Are you going?” you  asked with tenses looked. “I don’t want to stay…” I said as I bit my lips. You threw your cigarette and came toward me. You were so close to me. I was nervous now. My heart was beating faster. “What’s wrong?” you asked with that wicked smile. “Why are you so tall?” I said angrily and continued “I’m not even able to kiss you..” You smiled and lifted me from the ground and finally our lips met. Our kiss slowly touched into an erotic smooch. Something we were waiting for. Something we needed and it kept on getting intense and I guess it was one of the most passionate kiss we ever exchanged. And suddenly the moment broke when policeman came running saying “Yaha pe ye sab nahi. Ruko sahib.”

3 thoughts on “That night on beach.

  1. have lip lock on havelock. dats the message for people going to Havelock Island from the Tourism dept of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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