The Wedding Speech


I adjusted my green saree for the last time as I walked toward the stage. My heart was beating fast and then I saw him smiling, looking into my eyes just like he did on 28th September 2009. I grabbed the mic and started with the wedding speech

 “We fall in love, we fall out of love. This vicious circle continues but then we come across people who change out life. Day by day we start falling for them more, we start having this huge crush on their company and our whole life starts rotating around them. Gradually they become very important part of our life but then the bubble burst and you realize that people who meant world to you have someone else who means world to them. Small thing causes big heartbreaks and bigger emotion traumas. In last few years with you, I have learnt to let things go. If they come back that means they belong to you else life has something else for  you. That’s the thing about life, IT GOES ON. I still remember how we met in Hero Honda showroom when few guys were stalking me. Our journey from that showroom to this wedding hall has been a really beautiful journey. Now that you have new companion to travel with I wish you get every possible happiness in your life. I will miss everything, every sort of chemistry we had. Those late night lame texting, meeting over teas in your office, Zoo trips, breaking your DSLR Lens, Throwing your phone in pool and those not so sober secrets we shared. You definitely are my best friend”


Everyone in the hall stood up and started clapping. I excused myself and left the place and moved to balcony with a cigarette in my hand.

 “You really love me, don’t you?” he said as he came toward me. His eyes were sparkling and he looked no less than waiter in that tux.

“That’s my problem! Not yours” I said as I moved away.

 “What if I told you that I was always in love with you?” he started coming closer. I was feeling dizzy now.

“I was always in love with you. This is so fucked up” I said. I was happy and sad on the very same moment.

 “WHAT?” I heard voice of his wife in the background and we turned we saw her standing there.


Lot of dreams died that night.

Lot of emotions broke out that night.


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