Ajab Leher Hai Mere Padosi.


Dictionary suggests neighbors as people living near you and so are these weird people. Moment they joined was the moment I wanted them to leave because I was missing my old neighbors and I knew new ones cant replace them. As lot of people say ‘don’t judge anyone if you don’t know them’ and I did same I kept calm and waited for the so called GOLDEN DAY When they will introduce themselves. I knew few things about them as dad once mentioned during dinner ‘Naya Padosi IITian hai’. Moment he mentioned that I wanted to grab a Chain Saw and just run it over them. I rolled my eyes and left table. Few days later while going through random folders of Dad’s pen drive I came across beautiful Leh- Ladhak pictures I smiled and before I could ask to whom these pictures belong he said himself these pictures belong to our new neighbors. Looks like my neighbors actually had life. 

During last week of September my dad asked me about ‘True Caller’ since I was going through this ‘I-LOST-MY-SMARTPHONE-TRAUMA’ I ignored his question and at last I got introduced to them during My mom’s birthday and during promotion party gathering

And Various Conclusions I Drew About My Neighbors:-

1.    *. According to them suggestions and complementing is stalking.

2.    * They feel pathetically stupid if someone calls them ‘Uncle’ for the sake of respect.

3.    *    They purposely make their friend hate ‘Gajar Ka Halwa’

4.    *     They strongly oppose usage of curtains as they want everyone to disturb their privacy

5.    *   They are paid less for work and more for operating Facebook and Shaadi.com

6.    *   They’ve capacity of water tank when it comes to eating

7.    *  They can talk about anything from Note 3 to Sofia Hayat without getting bored.

And they say I am lame.


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