That Long Drive

‘So where are we going’ I asked him for 17th time. Now I was really getting scared. Long drives are romantic when you are with your boyfriend not with your best friend’s boyfriend. I myself did not know what I was doing in his SUV on my way to middle of nowhere. We exchanged smile and as I was about to update a status he snatched phone from my hand and threw it on back seat. As I tried to go on backseat I felt someone’s hand on butts, caressing it. I was so pissed at him I simply grabbed my phone and sat in car facing window all the while. Suddenly he stopped car somewhere.

“Where are we?” I asked almost scared to my death. All kind of Gumrah episodes, Savdhaan India etc were revolving in my head

“Somewhere we can test” he said with wicked smile on his fucking charming face.

“Test what?” I asked almost losing my senses.

Sex is fun – To learn, to read, to see but not to do with your best friend’s boyfriend

“Your ability to kiss. You always brag how you are best kisser! Time to prove” he said and came closer.

Suddenly my favorite track was in back ground and he was coming closer every mini second with him was making me horny. Even though AC was working I was warm somewhere inside. Somewhere I was longing for it. Desperately . . .

“I don’t think we should do this” I said and moved away, trying to open door of car.

His hands suddenly made way inside my top and grabbed my breasts. He kissed me violently. This cannot be considered a rape. Because somewhere I was enjoying this thing. After small ‘fake struggle’ I took the lead and started kissing him more violently. He was trying to remove my top. I slapped him lightly and whispered in his ears ‘I brag about kissing; Show over motherfucker’. My sudden behavior turned him off. He smiled and drove us back to City Center.

After that day we never got a chance to kiss. We quit contacting. But last night I received a text from him “LEARNED SOMETHING NEW? SOMETHING YOU CAN BRAG ABOUT? 😉 ” I smiled and replied ‘MEET ME TONIGHT AT 8; SAME PLACE’





5 thoughts on “That Long Drive

  1. Udita, I never bothered to comment on all of the stories you shared lately; on your FB or on your blog. I’ve been always wondering what made you write whatever you’re writing? Why are all of your writings always about sex, somehow? Not that I’m criticizing your work, you’re good at it. I’m just curious. I’ve always felt that there’s the thing that’s making you write all of these pieces. Maybe the lack of sex? No offense meant though. I’m just curious, you see.

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