Haters Gonna Hate

Having knowledge about machines does not make one engineer.
Knowing about medicines does not make you chemist.
Reading 1000 books does not make you an author. 
Knowing celebrity does not make you famous 
Mocking at someone does not make you funny 
Solving math problem fast does not make you next C.V Raman 
Same way,
Writing or talking about sex does not make one slut. 
Don’t write stories about writer because when writer will write a story about you then that writer will make sure that you are not left with single right of living on earth. 
I’m sick and tired of hearing all the crazy shit people are saying against me.
You guys like writing stories? Good WRITE ONE.
Stop making me slutty protagonist all the time.
I can’t tolerate it anymore.
Words do hurt one.
I read this somewhere “Once they stop talking to you, they start talking about you” but some assholes don’t even know you but still talk about you.
Plot one more story about me and I will show you how the cookie crumbles 

“Remember only god can judge ya ; Forget the haters cuz somebody loves ya” – Miley Cyrus
No point of mentioning who just received this ‘Faggot Award’ . Person knows it very well.


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