Jatin x3 Udita :)


Happy Birthday to my sweetheart J-A-T-I-N.

No doubt I’m in love with you.

You do lot of things for me.

You stayed up because I was not able to sleep.

You kept on talking because I was scared.

You made me smile.

You played Truth or Dare with me.

You sang songs for me.

You promised me an IPhone

You didn’t react when I forgot your birthday.

You listened to my book related non sense all the time.

You were there for me every time I asked you.

I behave like an idiot. Show attitude. Hang your calls. Abuse you. Shout at you. But then again I call you up. I talk to you. I get jealous. I try to make you jealous. I care about you. I blabber all night along. You stay. You listen. You laugh. You try to make sure that there is no witch beneath my bed. No ghost sleeping with me. No one is staring at me from window and my Panda won’t eat me. I love you.  Happy Birthday! 🙂 

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