My Guy Checklist !

My Guy Checklist !

Inspired from ‘Beauty & the Briefcase’ I made my guy checklist. It was not actually tough job. I’ve my very own perfect guy list so just copy pasted it with sensible reasoning.

  • His Name (I avoid accounts like Styliex Peincwess)
  • His Education (I personally ignore people studying at ‘Student of the year’, ‘Keep stalking bitches’ and all)
  • His Working Place (As far as I remember Founder/CEO of Facebook is Mark, So guys. Please?)
  • His Profile Pictures (No Shahid , Eminem , Zayn for me ! Please!!!)
  • His Location (Seattle? Las Vegas? )
  • Number of likes he gets on his pictures and status  (Okay , Baseless I know but still )
  • His Accent (It is not pro-NOUN-Ciation it is Pro-Nun-ciation -__-)
  • Time at which he calls up. (Dude what are your intentions, you always call me up around 3am . Demon or what?)
  • Topic he discusses (Dude I don’t care why Kareena loves Saif)
  • Attention he gives to what I say (Giving Attention to my checklist?)
  • Where he asks to meet. (I won’t meet you in a park So that every aunty come to my mom and bitch about me)
  • What he wears. (I’m not talking about Tuxedo , I love guys with Skin tight jeans and ‘SWAG Quoted’ T Shits)
  • Things he orders  (I won’t eat Papad or Khakra in some 5 star restaurant)
  • Who pays the bill? (You are my boyfriend not husband or dad or brother. I will pay my bills myself.)
  • Should have really great sense of humor (There is reason why I’m into Kapil Sharma so much !)
  • Should Cook well (I’m terrible cook and possess tendency of killing people with my food . I’m like Kaam Wali Bai version of Dexter.)
  • Should be intelligent (I’m sapiosexual. More you intelligent more I’m horny {Kidding})
  • Dimples will be BONUS (Durjoy , Shahrukh Khan and Shaan)
  • Someone I won’t have to worry about when he meets my parents. (Mom will welcome any guy then do some FBI Checking but DAD is the real problem)
  • Should definitely be spontaneous! (Surprise are cute in fact they are best !)
  • Treats me same around his friends (Dude we are dating so why I keeping me as RAW / ISI ‘s confidential information)
  • Puts passion above common sense (I’m a nonsense person , I have terrible mood swings You should know that.)
  • Should have enough money (at least to buy me a teddy or book or a love pendant on monthly anniversaries)
  • Should be Extremely witty (JUST LIKE ME)
  • Someone who knows that relationship means more than ‘Hooking up ’ and ‘One night stand’



Missed some points? Please comment below.


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