School , Eh ? :O

School a place where we always try to fit in. School – Place where rich rules and poor are fools. Where geeks are show off and beauty queens simply blow off .A place where we want to fit in at any cost. We do whatever it takes, right? People who say school life is most beautiful life of part of life must’ve never faced embarrassing break ups, Frist periods, Failing, Pressure of IIT, CA Endless. School a place where we are supposed to build memories.

But every school has few so called groups so destroys whole term ‘SCHOOL’:-

  • The Toppers: These groups have tendency to talk to people of their category (I.e Rank 1,2,3,4, or 5). They laugh when an average student tries to answer question and feels like an idiot when person is actually right. They don’t need onions to cry. Show one subject in which someone else scored better marks than them and they will cry themselves river.


  • The Tharkis :- These group consist guys who have money in pocket , average marks and of course charm to attract girls toward them. They Take them on few coffees. Make them do projects or win some bet and leave. Girls exist in same group too but they come in other category.


  • We will do Maa-Behen of Dress group :- These group consist of girls who wear short skirts , tight shirts , pulls their socks down , open their hairs and eats chewing gum and roam in corridor as if dad bought them that area as birthday gift. Such girls are called ‘School Sluts’ even if they are not. They use people for their benefits. Like if their best friend is absent they’ll sit with someone with whom they can talk to even if they don’t give them flying fuck of almost half year.


  • The Sports Star Group: – These groups consist of guys being exceptionally good at sports. Just like US Serials, Yeah girls do love guys who are good at sports. Such guys are usually dumb when it comes to studies (again US Shows and personal experience)


  • The Council Member group: These groups consist of all captains, vice captains and prefects of school. They are like air hostess; they smile even if they want to break your jaw at the moment. Because they can’t lose their position over small things like ‘Irritation’.’


  • The artists group:-these groups consist of people who are way too good in English and come to lime light only when some competitions or GD or something is there. Also people who are really nice with brushes or are next big singer.Rest of the year they are as ignorant as white crayon.


  • The Love Birds Group: These groups consist of obsessed lovers so think they will last forever and have tendency to destroy all the benches with their name and are usually caught for bunking schools or are caught by teachers during their so called make out sessions


  • Me Group: These groups consist of well people like me. Average and funny. Who have tendency to fit with any and every one. Who believes that when god made everyone without any bias why should we?.



Every morning I wake up thinking ‘Why school exists?’ and hits bed thinking ‘Why I have school tomorrow?’ Still I’m somehow maintaining 98% attendance. Because no matter what we face in school we still love it.

Just a message :- If you are one of those people who are beautiful then don’t humiliate one who are ugly , they must be beautiful at heart. People whom you call fat may lose weight but how will you hide your ugly personality. ? Don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t ruin someone’s best days of life for your few hours of fun.Image

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