At last I’m done with Chennai Express.
Rating : 3.5
Cast : Shah Rukh Khan & Deepika Padukone.
Director : Rohit Shetty

TOTALLY ONE OF KIND MOVIE. I So regret not having South Indian boyfriend right now because half of the dialogs were floating over my head.Of course movie starring BADSHAH OF BOLLYWOOD Is expected to be sureshot hit. I’m glad it broke all records but if you ask me , I found story NOT COMMON But predictable. South Indian We’ll – survive – everything – because – we’re – in- positive – role thing is too mainstream these days. Rohit Shetty maintained his Break everything that comes on the way image. Locations were beautiful & so were songs ( Kashmir tu, Title track, Tera Sath & of course my favorite 1 2 3 4) But only thing which made it different from others was no non veg , no vulgarity pure family drama & HIGHLIGHTS were their conversation through songs. MIND BLASTING. Meena washing powder Meena. Haha …But it’s a must must must watch.


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