I don’t even remember this letter :O

Neerav ,

   Breaking up was my decision and there is no way you could be blamed for it. Honestly it wasn’t even break up .But isn’t it unfair I walked away without any explanation so I want to tell you something. . Which may make you hate me more

Firstly I hope this letter find you happy , sleeping with someone & in same sexy body . heard you made it to DCE ? Dad’s money or own your own ? 😉 Just kidding ! 96% ! Sinner looks with brain.

Noni ? Why you never told me what you actually wanted ! Well leave it . . .

Remember when we were small? we use to fight over who will keep Pikachu As their Pokémon ? As we grew …remember , how desperate you were for Samira’s Number that  you begged in front of everyone for her number ! 😛 & How you had guts to tell me about stain on my skirt and give me sanitary napkin when  I hit periods first time ? remember how you were caught watching porn on home theater & I took blame by saying I renamed files ! ? Strange isn’t it ? We are owner of AMAZING Memories ! Dirty Secrets ! Still I walked away ! 15 years of friendship. Approx. two years of relationship still I walked away ?

There are things left unsaid . I didn’t walked away because you slept with veronica she was (and is) desperate slut who can throw herself on anyone & since you are extremely handsome she couldn’t control her WHORE-MONES . Well remember Shantanu Pareek ? Guy who moved to thane in class 9 ? one I had crush on ? well it wasn’t crush we were in relationship (HONESTLY WE ARE IN RELATIONSHIP). Thing is I cheated on you ! but you never loved me either . Yo ! Yo ! I read the text you left vishal that stated *Behenchod ! Usse Pyaar Nahi Karta ! Karna Padh Raha Hai Sex Karte Hai Hum Ditch Kiya Toh Phad Degi* Seriously ? Sex was only reason we were together from your side ! ? just for your shock from my side sex was only reason too. So 1-1 clear ?

And I’m happy here  ! in Pune with shantanu ! I told him everything even about our countless make out sessions. For a month he was pissed off but then WE LOVE EACH OTHER ! He forgave me ! and only reason I left town very next day was I couldn’t face the fact you having sex with someone else ! . It was embarrassing for me !  Isn’t it strange sex brought us together and drifted us apart ? & yes don’t think of contacting me ever ! You’ll just make my life miserable !


With Lust ,

Your Nonu , Ex Friend , Ex Best Friend , Ex-Girlfriend



PS-> Throw this letter after reading it will ruin your current affairs and yes ! for a while I do fell in love with you but that text brought me down to earth and showed your true colors


PPS-> You were more good on bed than Shantanu I Miss sex with you Damn ! 



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