Shudh Sucessful Lehkhak Se Pyaar

Believe in love at first side? It happened with me.

It was December Sunday morning and I was done with my accountancy tuition. I stopped at bookstore I work for some queries regarding orders I placed. Then I saw this book ‘I Don’t want to tell the title’. I read summary and I was totally impressed. In seconds I took my cell out and searched his name on Facebook. 63 mutual! Yippee! I sent him request and bought his book. I went home , threw my bag in some corner of earth and within 4 hours I was done with his book. I wrote a really long, honest, true review from heart with suggestions, my favorite parts, quotes and everything but as I saw his Facebook account I was shocked. I saw that  his every picture has 400-600 likes and all. I was subscribed to his updates as he already reached maximum number of pending requests. Still I sent him review. But I never got reply.

Yesterday some kind of miracle happened! I saw an unexpected email address dropping a mail. I received a reply from him. I was so happy maybe he came to know I’m his huge fan, maybe re realized I love his personality or maybe he came to know I’m upcoming writer too but actually the message was

‘Please, order my book from link given below. Get heavy discounts too’

& I was like Maa Kasam ! Naa iski book padhungi , naa padhne dungi 



Male Awwwwwwwwthors aur Unki Female Fans ! 

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