so we were sitting together. Three of
us. Me, Lavanya & Karan. First of all our
choice of restaurant was totally stupid.
‘Food court’s youth wing ‘ was so not
out thing. As I & Lavanya were into our
drinks he ordered non veg for himself.
He passed me plate & asked me to
have one. ‘I don’t eat non veg on
Tuesdays’ escaped my mouth. &
suddenly AASHIQUI2 Songs hit bloody
music player. I & Lavanya exchanged
‘Dafuq?’ look & started concentrating
on our drink. He kept on yammering
about how He loves everyone, how
He’ll give anything anyone wants from
him. ‘So you’ll give your dick to anyone
who wants? ‘I asked & moment he
replied ‘yes ‘He lost me. Again, He
started making fun of me ‘ Udita won’t
have sex. She’ll write about it ‘ I faked
a smile & said ‘ your books will
publish after 9 months. He laughed
hysterically & said ‘ My books never
gets published, they remain secrets. ,
Forever ‘ He winked at me & continued
flirting with my friend & Even asked
waiter if something was burning
( referring to me ) etc. Somewhere
between these kinky, Cheesy
conversations he lost me. Forever.

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