Open Letter to all Ketan Bhagat Haters or People who are judging him UNESSCARILY


Somewhere inside my head I knew this was going to happen. Ketan Bhagat Who recently debuted with his book Compete / Convenient (Shristi Publications) is facing lot of troubles because people think that he is using his brother’s name to gain publicity. We have this problem you know? We can’t bear someone’s success so we start making useless and unnecessary proclamations to ruin someone’s image. Some people think both Ketan and his brother are black spot to writing industry. Just a FYI Notice Chetan Bhagat is reason Indian Literature Industry can think of selling million copies , Because of him so many people tried their hands in writing, became efficacious and if you find him black spot or whatever Why are you reading his book ? Don’t read. No one cares actually. There are few habits of Ketan Bhagat which I actually admire like On Twitter He ‘Retweet‘ everything people say for/against him. And he always reply everyone one. Most people lack this quality. Honestly, He could’ve made lot of public statements by now on people who are saying ‘crap’against him , but I guess Ketan sir is having lot of serenity.

No where he is used his brother’s name or asked his brother to help in writing or promoting his work. And I guess we all know if Chetan Bhagat would’ve promoted same book it would’ve been national seller on pre order itself but Ketan didn’t took that power as an advantage. You know we should respect someone who is not using all the powers he has because he want to make His work successful on his own. But Still some people are using ‘Social networking sites’ to make fun of him or for saying things against him , his book and brother. Which I found astonishingly stupid. I mean how about, you try to say same thing on face? Also how about why don’t you read the book then judge ? Better than making fun on yourself.Oh Oh ! how about you write one and then wait for us to start saying things against you without knowing you or your work. Sounds awkward , no ?
Statements like :-

Ketan Bhagat ? Sohail Khan of Indian Lit.
Say Hello to the brother of probably world’s most influential writer

Etc are made by known faces of Indian Literature Industry.

Some saint once said

‘Agar koi apke khilaf bole yaani tarakee kar rahe ho app’

Ketan Bhagat is finest example of it. And somewhere I know his book will be sure shot bestseller NOT BECAUSE ‘He is Chetan’s brother’ but because he is good writer and You’ve right to say whatever you feel like but just remember What goes around comes back around Today you are saying against him tomorrow maybe not him but his fans will say AGAINST YOU.


6 thoughts on “Open Letter to all Ketan Bhagat Haters or People who are judging him UNESSCARILY

  1. I really appreciate your efforts in saying that’s its only ketan and his hardwork,sincere efforts and his writting skills behind his success. I totally agree to your point, why to critize some work just because he is having support of some celeb. Why can’t his individually be valued. I m marking from day 1 since the promotions started that no where chetan name is involve. Infact all is done by ketan himself and that itself proves that its only ketan and no one else. To share the views yes there is a vast difference between their books and it does not relate each other.
    I would just say to readers that instead of criticizing better mind ur own business and let’s his work speak instead of you all. And finally thanks Udita for writting it publically and posting it . Thanks 🙂

  2. Its about the message and the book, its not about individuals at all, I have personally read the book, it have given me immense pleasure, joy and made my cry as well with the father, mother sentiments of “peaks”, people say lot many things, I sincerely feel that, one who has an aspiration and dedication towards his work will not consider allow negatives to touch him. a great book I have read in the recent times.

  3. I agree Udita.. The best thing about Ketan Bhagat is that he is working hard to make an identity by himself without using the magic wand he has. It is people around who are trying to provoke him by making such comments.. By not reacting, he proves that he is not the man of words but of actions.. His work has and will prove him.

  4. Dear Kausha, Abhyudoy and Neha.. Thanks so much for your positive words. life is teaching me that for every person who is ready to bring me down for reasons beyond my comprehension, there are wise and mature people like you who are willing to speak out the absolute truth. I feel truly blessed.

    Biggest thanks to Udita. It takes guts to speak so openly. I am inspired from her.

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