Unfortunately , Yours .



You know what’s the best part of relationship with you? Those late night concerts you give me on phone even though your voice is similar to Horny Walrus. And at times when I’m all set for nasty sex you give me long philosophical lectures & after speaking constantly for hour or so you ask me whether I’m asleep or not. & CUTEST PART WAS When you whispered ‘ oye, listen I do love you ‘. I don’t have to tell you when i’m sad , you guess it yourself. You turning me into better person. It still feels awkward you know dating someone who is you know loved by soo many people (girls , precisely) . I love how you turn our house into hotel because its hard to go to public places because of your fan following At time I wonder why you still dating me I’m just normal writer and you ? superstar ! i do get jealous how i started my career before but couldn’t achieve as much as you. I like things with you. You don’t inter fare  You just pass comments. & Make me nervous -.- I love you. Idiot. 

– Lines from next book ( Maybe )

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