What’s Wrong With INDIAN SERIALS ?


So I was desperately waiting for my dinner to arrive. Smell of Paneer Pasanda brought smile on my lips I thought this was it NO MORE WAITING FOR FOOD! Any second mom will start making ‘Parathas’ As I was about to leave my study table my mom screamed ‘BABA RE ! 9 Baj Gaye Pavitra Rishta Ayega uske baad Qabool hai ! Udita go back to your room you will get food by 10’ Suddenly I was lost ..lost in thoughts of SERIALS ! WHATS WRONG WITH INDIAN SERIALS?  …..

  1. Okay! Even after a huge accident, only one bandage on forehead?


  1. How come women could wear Saree while sleeping that too with heavy JEWELRY?


  1. Even though they are poor, they use I-Phones & BlackBerrys.


  1. Even after a gap of 10 years they manage to look same.


  1. Why 90% lead stars have miscarriages?


  1. There is always a vamp/villain ready to stop marriage.


  1. There ladies born to be an evil mother & sister in laws.


  1. Same job 16 years, no new cast and no promotion!


  1. Any one can take birth 10 times with 20 faces.


  1. As per Indian serials, plastic Surgery seems to be the most economical treatment in science.


  1. Never shows love making but girl turns out being pregnant in next episode.


  1. Overrated make up even on normal days.


  1. Now a days even vampires & wolverine can be seen in there shows.


  1. How come only KD is able to solve the case?


  1. Have you ever met a woman who keeps on doing ‘Baseless Shayari’ all day long?


  1. What actually turns a man from rags to riches in few years gap?


  1. How come every time one problem ends to give space for the new one?


  1. What’s with playing ‘Ab Tum Hi Ho’ as background track?


  1. How come one ‘Baa’ lives for 5 gaps of 40 years? She must be an alien 😛


  1. Karwa Chauth is being over abused in shows after DDLJ movie.


  1. What’s with stupid background tunes?


  1. Why people repeat same dialog again and again? ‘Nahi, Nahi, Nahi……


  1. I seriously doubt Sexual orientation of Men in daily shows.


  1. Study says children in daily soaps grow faster than Complan children.


  1. Only in Daily soaps guys don’t get offended when girls move away with huge smile on face after coming close to almost 1 cm.


  1. Why some dialogue and slaps are shown thrice?


  1. ‘Yada Kada Hi Dharmasya’ is becoming to main stream background for hero these days .


 Honestly i think only reason women watch Daily Soaps is to not let their guys watch cricket 

4 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With INDIAN SERIALS ?

  1. True that. The only thing wrong with these serials is that most of them are too similar and generic. Even some of the shows with promise, such as Balika Vadhu or Na aana is des Lado turned into the same love drama tragedy affair The only show that deviated was Sarabhai vs Sarabhai.

  2. I was hooked on a series called Agle Janum . Apologies for any misspelling or typing etc. It was really gripping and I loved the lead character, and actress, ( whose since vanished into career oblivion, but the story like just got more and more absurd, until you realised they were milking every last coin from their following without regard to dignity or common sense. Sad really but I enjoyed a lot of it. I’m a big Bollywood fan by the way

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